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Service Providers

You may post your Schedules and announcements (Ad type threads) for free!! You can include photos, links to your personal website (return banner link is required) and basically advertise yourself here on lyla for free as long as you follow these rules (Click Link to read rules)

All prices include HST


(120 x 60 - Only ONE per city!)

- 1 month $150.00
- 3 months $405.00
- 6 months $720.00
- 12 months $1080.00

Check with the MOD first to see if it is available please. We have waiting lists for many cities as this is a popular spot. This is a premium spot as it is exclusive to the sponsor. Your banner will show on ALL the pages in your city as well as the shared space on the front page of the site (Shrared with other city sponsors).

Side Column Banner Advertising

(120 x 60 - Limited Space)

Right Side 120x60 banners
- 1 month $50.00
- 3 months $100.00
- 12 months $300.00
For the top 3 positions 500.00 year (First come first serve)

Top of page Banner Advertising

(468 x 60 Rotating top of pages - Limited Space)

Discussion Forum Only
- 1 month 75.00
- 3 months $150.00
- 12 months $500.00

Chat Room Only
- 1 month 75.00
- 3 months $150.00
- 12 months $500.00

Both discussion forum and chat room
- 1 month $120.00 (for both)
- 3 months $240.00 (for both)
- 12 months $600.00 (for both)

Both discussion forum and Side Banner
- 1 month $100.00 (for both)
- 3 months $220.00 (for both)
- 12 months $600.00 (for both)

Package including
- Static banner button (Right side column)
- Chat room Banner
- Main forum rotating banner

Package Prices:
- $150.00 for 1 month
- $300.00 for 3 months
- $850.00 for 12 months

*Sponsor a city with any of these packages for a additional 10% off!

Banner Design Information
- All banners and websites must be pre-approved
- We include a FREE banner design with 1 year purchase on any banner space
- If you need a banner made for you we can help (Cost is 35.00 and up - PM the mod for details)
- No genital nudity or vulgar language
- Banner buttons are 120x60 pixels in size at 72dpi (GIF or JPG)
- Forum Banners are 468x60 pixels in size at 72dpi (GIF or JPG)
- Chat room banners are 468x60 pixels in size at 72dpi (JPG ONLY)

Payment Options

Credit Card Payments
Credit Card Payments

Interact Money Transfer (Email)
Requires online banking

  Make payment to
  Visit to make payment
  -For the Security Question & Answer: You need to PM the mod to let us know what you made this security question answer as we must enter it to claim the payment
We require the security question answer to claim the payment.

  Declined credit card payments will incur a 30.00 NSF service fee  


Sorry, we do not accept wester union money transfers, direct bank deposits, paypal or any other online payment options.

A receipt will be issued by email if you have a email address on your account. Please do not send cash in the mail. We will not be responsible for missing or late mail so use a tracking service like xpresspost or a courier (Send us the tracking number for a advance on your ad as well if your payment is late (We will extend it 3 days to give the tracked package time to reach us)

If you have an ad on you can ADD a lyla banner to your existing account to make things easier for you!

Please feel free to use our banner