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Ember Symone has over 10000 reputation points!Ember Symone has over 10000 reputation points!Ember Symone has over 10000 reputation points!Ember Symone has over 10000 reputation points!Ember Symone has over 10000 reputation points!Ember Symone has over 10000 reputation points!Ember Symone has over 10000 reputation points!
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  1. SolidSnake
    02-27-2018 01:58 PM
    Super stoked to see that you're relocating to Ottawa!!
  2. Tempted Monk
    01-15-2018 08:34 PM
    Tempted Monk
    Such a woman! I should think of moving to Edmonton
  3. Toper
    12-28-2017 12:54 PM
    Just dropped by to say hello, lovely photos!
  4. Meg O'Ryan
    07-21-2017 10:13 AM
    Meg O'Ryan
    Omg I love your album but especially your avatar!
  5. Tempted Monk
    07-16-2017 12:23 PM
    Tempted Monk
    Symone, your Album is absolutely fantastic - multifaceted and gorgeous!
  6. Sherlock
    05-24-2017 05:44 AM
    Happy Birthday, Simone! Enjoy your special day.
  7. LuxeMulvari
    04-16-2017 03:54 PM
    YASSSS!!! Can't wait lol!
  8. LuxeMulvari
    04-05-2017 09:35 AM
    Definitely!!! When are you coming?
  9. LuxeMulvari
    04-01-2017 07:21 PM
    LEGEMINI...love it
  10. capitalCforcougar
    09-01-2016 02:32 AM
    ...link to your website didn't work
  11. capitalCforcougar
    09-01-2016 02:30 AM
    Good day miss.. and thank you for 'pawzing' at my page
    feel free any time
  12. Helena D'Orville
    08-22-2016 12:11 PM
    Helena D'Orville
    I did not go to the Hip concert! Too many people - I don't like crowds - and way too hot and humid in Kingston. I stayed home instead
  13. Helena D'Orville
    08-16-2016 09:43 PM
    Helena D'Orville
    I just visited your website Symone. Great beautiful website! You are the Queen, as usual And this picture with you in the red dress! A movie star with a statuesque figure. Hope all is well with you Lady
  14. Sherlock
    05-24-2016 04:16 PM
    Happy Birthday, Simone!
  15. NotchJohnson
    05-24-2016 10:19 AM
    Happy Birthday Simone, I hope you have a wonderful day !
  16. HarleyQ
    05-24-2016 06:00 AM
    Happy Birthday!
  17. Helena D'Orville
    03-04-2016 07:40 PM
    Helena D'Orville
    Oh Mademoiselle parle le français! Same with you Symone, you certainly have a Je ne sais quoi about you that I love!
  18. Helena D'Orville
    03-04-2016 03:27 PM
    Helena D'Orville
    Thank you! I did not know the expression "Miss Thang" (English is my second language) so I had to look it up online. I learned a new expression today! Have a great weekend My Dear
  19. Helena D'Orville
    03-03-2016 12:51 PM
    Helena D'Orville
    I love your pictures Symone. You are such a gorgeous, sensual, sexy and hot woman! ✿
  20. steel98
    01-31-2016 12:38 PM
    Hi beautiful love you album.
  21. letsplay_57
    01-18-2016 10:13 AM
    thanks for the album...you are 1 beautiful lady!!
  22. *****ru****n
    12-24-2015 01:16 PM
    Merry Christmas.... Click the image to open in full size.
  23. Tempted Monk
    11-17-2015 08:06 PM
    Tempted Monk
    May I ask for a privilege to be a friend? Click the image to open in full size.
  24. Tempted Monk
    11-17-2015 07:28 PM
    Tempted Monk
    Very interesting Album - unique and unusual! Click the image to open in full size.
  25. MickiAllure
    08-01-2015 01:05 PM
    CERB, I need to make an admin list. I keep falling off the face of the planet.
  26. Cato
    05-24-2015 07:16 PM
    I hope you're having a great day!
  27. Sherlock
    05-24-2015 09:22 AM
    Happy Birthday, Simone. Looking great! Where are you?
  28. letsplay_57
    05-15-2015 06:56 PM
    dropping by 2 say Hi!...thks for the latest pics
  29. MickiAllure
    04-09-2015 04:41 PM
    Oh, hey girl!
  30. LuxeMulvari
    03-14-2015 01:58 PM
    Whenever I hear Drake " I like my girls BBW" it reminds me of you Hope your well gorgeous
  31. datyaddict
    01-07-2015 07:34 PM
    Happy New Year!
  32. *****ru****n
    12-22-2014 05:21 PM
    Happy Holidays beautiful....
  33. stinger76
    12-05-2014 03:03 AM
    im great beautiful how are you
  34. tut1950
    11-24-2014 07:28 PM
    great pics
  35. LuxeMulvari
    10-09-2014 07:07 PM
    Thank you, and feeling is mutual xo !
  36. letsplay_57
    10-01-2014 04:49 PM
    Hope to see you on your 2014 fall tour...beautiful pics
  37. belfastspider
    09-16-2014 06:16 PM
    I can't wait
  38. theliquor (Lost but not forgotten)
    Glad to see you are coming to Ottawa ! Hopefully I am well enough to enjoy your charms
  39. belfastspider
    09-03-2014 08:37 PM
    will you be visiting New Brunswick?
  40. fredlick17
    08-06-2014 03:48 PM
    Hi Symone! Any plans to come to Halifax soon?
  41. theliquor (Lost but not forgotten)
    When is yr next visit to ottawa ?
  42. PistolPete
    02-26-2014 09:22 AM
    Loved your new photos added,absolutely gorgeous Symone! Xoxox
  43. SolidSnake
    01-31-2014 09:58 AM
    Indeed! Can't wait for you to come to Ottawa! Please let us know
  44. blue-eyes guy
    01-15-2014 01:55 PM
    blue-eyes guy
    Hi Simone,
    Your pics are just amazing.
    Can't wait to meet you.
  45. blue-eyes guy
    01-12-2014 09:00 PM
    blue-eyes guy
    When is the next time that you will be in Ottawa? Luv your assets.
  46. JoyfulC
    01-08-2014 11:03 AM
    It wasn't so much a compliment as a reaction. I went to your site and checked out your new pics. Perfect combination of hot and classy! Definitely heartstopping!
  47. *****ru****n
    12-24-2013 11:31 AM
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas Symone,
    Click the image to open in full size.
  48. Emma Alexandra
    12-19-2013 02:20 PM
    Emma Alexandra
    Click the image to open in full size.
  49. daveb1
    09-08-2013 09:04 PM
    Damn girl you are soooo fine! Let me know when you are in Ottawa or Montreal. I would love to spend some quality time with you.
  50. Nippongakki
    07-04-2013 09:10 AM
    Your new pics are stunning! But you're so skinny I hardly recognized you
  51. bluesplayer
    06-25-2013 11:57 PM
    I love your website - you look fabulous. Can't wait to meet you...
  52. want some fun
    05-24-2013 01:04 PM
    want some fun
    Happy Birthday sexy and hope you have a beautyfull day
  53. Old Dog
    05-24-2013 12:49 PM
    Old Dog
    Happy Birthday!!!
  54. bear99
    02-22-2013 11:01 AM
    When are u in ottawa?
  55. theliquor (Lost but not forgotten)
    Great new pics, thanx for sharing!
    Are you planning another Ottawa visit soon??? Please!!!!
  56. want some fun
    12-23-2012 12:00 AM
    want some fun
    Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year 2013 and hope to see you back in Ottawa in 2013
  57. beaker
    12-21-2012 04:53 PM
    Happy holidays to you, sweetie !!!

    Click the image to open in full size.
  58. roadkill
    12-19-2012 07:41 AM
    Just stopped by to wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.
  59. *****ru****n
    12-18-2012 10:01 AM
    Click the image to open in full size.
  60. Emma Alexandra
    12-10-2012 02:57 PM
    Emma Alexandra
    Click the image to open in full size.

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