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  1. reccestan
    05-12-2014 10:37 PM
    Luv the new pic! Suds it up!
  2. Mr.Goldfinger
    05-10-2014 08:19 PM
    Miss you !
  3. theliquor (Lost but not forgotten)
    Hi Sexy, hope all is well!
    hugs, kisses and licks!!!!
  4. theliquor (Lost but not forgotten)
    Welcome back Lover! Looking great!
  5. theguyz
    03-12-2014 12:55 PM
    Glad to hear that you're back. Hope to see you soon :)
  6. reccestan
    01-31-2014 09:59 PM
    Hoping for some new pics! Can't a fella dream?
  7. roadkill
    01-12-2014 01:41 PM
    Well come back. I guess this will be a great year.
  8. theliquor (Lost but not forgotten)
    Happy New Year Lover!
  9. Robbie_411
    12-30-2013 02:06 PM
    It's great to see you have your account up again. Nice new user name. Have a happy new year and I hope to see soon.
  10. Paradise Spa
    12-30-2013 01:45 AM
    Paradise Spa
    If you haven't met this stunning beauty ...boys are you in for a treat...simply amazing .....she is the whole package and more!
  11. Taylor, Olivia Devine
    12-28-2013 05:45 PM
    Taylor, Olivia Devine
    Glad to hear your back hun ! Hope to see you at Angels sometime, love the pics sexy lady haha! xoxo Taylor
  12. Triple Delight
    12-28-2013 01:56 PM
    Triple Delight
    Im back for some fun every saturday 9am-9pm...hope to see you all soon xoxo
  13. meetmehalfway
    12-24-2013 08:10 AM
    merry Christmas :)
  14. silverado17
    12-24-2013 07:17 AM
    hey sexy welcome back i like the new name you are a delight
  15. ChantalSummers
    12-21-2013 12:41 PM
    Hey Amanda!! I had a fab time with you at the party ;) xo!! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season :) :)
  16. reccestan
    12-15-2013 08:54 PM
    Welcome Back!!!
  17. letsplay_57
    02-14-2013 12:27 PM
    Happy Valentine's Day!!
  18. iluvmuffins
    02-14-2013 03:31 AM
    Happy Valentines Day Amanda! :)
    You don't know how much I miss our shower and jacuzzi fun!
    Ryan xoxo :)
  19. silverado17
    02-01-2013 03:50 PM
    that sucks you retired
  20. happyguytomorrow
    01-30-2013 04:35 PM
    Hi. Do you do couple massages?
  21. silverado17
    01-29-2013 09:57 PM
    i guess you didn't retire awesome
  22. MidnightMaya
    01-28-2013 04:16 PM
    Misss you!!!!!XOXO Maya
  23. D*04***y
    01-09-2013 02:29 PM
    Nice to see you back. How bout a rendezvous?
  24. reccestan
    01-04-2013 11:30 PM
    Happy Birthday Amanda!
  25. Mr.Goldfinger
    12-19-2012 07:49 PM
    Wish you the Best ! Its been great time seeing you around here . Will miss you !!
  26. Triple Delight
    12-19-2012 07:05 PM
    Triple Delight
    Last night before i "retire from the spa, goona miss all my naughty friends!! xoxo
  27. roadkill
    12-19-2012 07:37 AM
    Hi sexy; just stopped by to wish you the very best (just found out you are leaving). Wishing you a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. Good luck for your future. Caio Bella
  28. theexplorer
    12-18-2012 11:54 AM
    When is last last day, i want to say good bye to the girls(.)(.) and more important to you sweet.
  29. countryboy
    12-17-2012 05:38 PM
    Best wishes in the future to a real nice gal
  30. Mr.Goldfinger
    12-17-2012 02:14 PM
    Take care will miss you ! Have a great week !
  31. rockhard
    12-17-2012 08:41 AM
    very sexy, love the look.
  32. theliquor (Lost but not forgotten)
    Good luck Lover in your new endeavours! I am sure you will be successful.
  33. Jessie Brown
    12-04-2012 06:50 PM
    Jessie Brown
    yes it is im getting use to it but i need to come see u soon
  34. Jessie Brown
    12-04-2012 04:41 PM
    Jessie Brown
    miss you love
  35. Kelly2010
    11-30-2012 04:26 AM
    Love you sexy girl!Muah kisses & licks :) xoxo
  36. countryboy
    11-04-2012 09:28 PM
    Hey, how are you?
  37. silverado17
    10-23-2012 04:25 PM
    hey there sexy hope all is well long time no see
  38. iluvmuffins
    10-12-2012 12:06 AM
    Thanks for the special note babe. Looking forward to the hottest time ever with you next week!!!
  39. Mr.Goldfinger
    10-08-2012 01:21 PM
    Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving day weekend ! Hope you had a great dinner !
  40. pocket5s
    10-07-2012 10:52 PM
    If I knew where you work, I'd be there in no time!
  41. cmrj
    10-05-2012 08:33 PM
    Amanda, your new pics are stunning. I must make another appointment soon!
  42. theliquor (Lost but not forgotten)
    Have a Great Thanksgiving weekend!!
  43. Larry613
    10-02-2012 01:35 AM
    Wow. Haven't been online in a while. Thanks for the message.
  44. Triple Delight
    09-26-2012 10:16 PM
    Triple Delight
    Double specials tommorrow thursday 6-11 pm come play with me and my sexy girl kelly 20 dollars off all door fees! xo
  45. theexplorer
    09-26-2012 05:10 PM
    like what you did with your hair my sweet
  46. TheRubicon
    09-25-2012 11:48 PM
    Amazing albums!
  47. silverado17
    09-24-2012 11:44 AM
    nice to hear from you hope to meet up soon
  48. ewl28
    09-22-2012 05:58 PM
    Thanks Amanda! It's a very addicting profile :-)
  49. Triple Delight
    09-17-2012 03:36 PM
    Triple Delight
    hiya friends,ill be doing my special door rates again this week feel free to call and book your playtime @ 613 265-2505
  50. Triple Delight
    09-09-2012 02:38 PM
    Triple Delight
    Special rates this week 30 min=30,45 min =50,and 1 hr is 80$ (plz [email protected] 613 265-2505) xxx amanda
  51. roadkill
    09-03-2012 07:10 PM
    Just stopped by to say I had a great time (like always) & to check out your pics again. Until next time,Caio Bella
  52. Eraser
    07-29-2012 07:34 PM
    See you on my next trip...
  53. brdoeur30
    07-24-2012 09:19 AM
    hope you enjoyed your weekend sexy may come visit wed ;)
  54. ricky1ricardo7
    07-22-2012 09:29 PM
    Thanks for the message Amanda! I had a great weekend. Hope yours was good too! Yes, I enjoyed your profile. I wouldn't mind having a massage from you one day! Have great week. I know I will, I'm going camping & play golf.
  55. Triple Delight
    07-21-2012 04:31 PM
    Triple Delight
    next week schedule>>>>
    Wed>3:[email protected] Touch
    Thurs>3:[email protected] Touch
    Fri>3:[email protected] Touch
    Sun>[email protected] Touch
  56. D-Man
    07-15-2012 11:32 PM
    Wow! Saw your recent wet t-shirt pic ... no wonder it's been so hot lately!
  57. Kelly2010
    07-10-2012 04:26 PM
    Hey my sexy lover I'm so happy u enjoyed your vacation! See u soon Luv ya xoxo
  58. theliquor (Lost but not forgotten)
    Have a great vacation!!!!
  59. hengineken
    07-04-2012 03:32 PM
    Very nice. To bad I am in Winnipeg
  60. Triple Delight
    07-04-2012 03:17 PM
    Triple Delight
    off on vay-k, hope all my naughty friends have a great week! See ya's next week xxx

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