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  1. Lady Sophia
    04-25-2017 06:48 PM
    Lady Sophia
    Thanks so much! Cant wait to get back!
  2. Lexis Nevaeh
    03-07-2017 03:47 PM
    Lexis Nevaeh
    thank you babe xoxo glad you like it
  3. Lady Sophia
    03-05-2017 10:14 PM
    Lady Sophia
    Ooops well that was a heart and kiss and a big smile. Lol
  4. Lady Sophia
    03-05-2017 10:13 PM
    Lady Sophia
    Aww wow thanks my love!
  5. Lexis Nevaeh
    02-27-2017 05:25 PM
    Lexis Nevaeh
    hi thanks for peeking at my page xoxox
  6. Fiora Manson
    02-22-2017 01:42 PM
    Fiora Manson
    Thank you so much! I actually just added another one as well!
  7. Shelia Young
    02-17-2017 05:46 PM
    Shelia Young
    Thanks for visiting my page babe have a great day xoxox
  8. Lady Sophia
    01-27-2017 09:14 AM
    Lady Sophia
    Thank you my dear! Figured I should have a new album for my Birthday was this month and turned 42
  9. Daisy Mae
    12-26-2016 11:25 AM
    Daisy Mae
    Haha! Thanks much, guess I hadn't thought of taking any photos in Daisy Dukes. I'll get right on that!
  10. Parker
    12-25-2016 11:42 AM
    Merry Christmas!
  11. Cato
    12-19-2016 10:23 AM
    Click the image to open in full size.
  12. GoddessHRC
    12-18-2016 08:10 PM
    Thank you luv!!! I'll put all of them up on here tomorrow <3
  13. Cato
    12-17-2016 05:11 PM
    All the best for Christmastime, Kennedy!
  14. Sensual Erin
    10-06-2016 07:55 AM
    Sensual Erin
    Thank you for your sweet words, Mr. Kennedy. xoxo
  15. Lady Sophia
    09-30-2016 02:11 PM
    Lady Sophia
    Thanks my friend. However I am stuck homebound these days. No dog sitter=no travel! Sorry
  16. capitalCforcougar
    09-01-2016 04:59 PM
    Good day sir, and thank you for the page visit. I trust you enjoyed.your perrrrusing.... ?
  17. OceanMassage
    08-24-2016 08:08 AM
    Thank you for the virtual visit! Hope it's enticed you to a more tactile one!
  18. Cato
    08-23-2016 06:19 PM
    True enough....an egregious omission....Thank you!
  19. astonishing jennie
    08-04-2016 08:52 PM
    astonishing jennie
    thank you!!! I have missed being here xo
  20. HarleyQ
    08-03-2016 07:50 PM
    Thanks for checking me out sugar Feel free to pm me if you'd like to see me sometime
  21. TheNewBliss
    07-09-2016 11:55 AM
    Hi Sweety ,
    Thanks for visiting our profile ..
    We hope that you liked our sexy attendant's pictures ..
    Feel free to pm us if you have any question ..
    We like to chat with our clientele and spoil them a little with gifts and specials ..

    We hope to see you soon ,
    Remember that you are always welcome to swing by ..

    Bliss and the sexy ladies
  22. Cato
    07-06-2016 04:42 PM
    Thank you!!!
  23. Cato
    07-02-2016 09:50 AM
    Saying hi! Always good to be in touch!
  24. Peachy
    06-24-2016 11:49 AM
    Hey, I hope you are having a great summer. It's good to see you around. XoXo
  25. Carmen Rose
    06-16-2016 05:25 PM
    Carmen Rose
    Thank you very much! I'm excited to see what's left to come. Keep posted for more!
  26. Taylor32
    06-06-2016 12:33 AM
    Just saying thanks for your kind words.
  27. Anna Sweets
    06-04-2016 08:38 AM
    Anna Sweets
    Good morning and thank you for your thoughtful comment on my selfies

    Have a fabulous weekend!


  28. Lady Sophia
    05-18-2016 04:10 PM
    Lady Sophia
    Yes but is a stricktly family visit...which is great but sucks cause I miss you all too!
  29. Lady Sophia
    05-18-2016 04:09 PM
    Lady Sophia
    Yes...Ontario but strickly a family visit ...which is good but sucks cause I miss you all too.
  30. Peachy
    05-10-2016 08:07 AM
    Thanks for the pic comment. XoXo
  31. Cato
    05-09-2016 02:25 PM
    Thanks for the rep!
  32. Sexy Andrea
    04-27-2016 12:33 PM
    Sexy Andrea
    Thanks dear
  33. Princ3ss
    04-13-2016 01:57 PM
    Good afternoon. Thank you for taking a moment and peeking at my profile. I hope you enjoyed the view.
    Sasha May xoxoxo
  34. JadeSpa
    04-13-2016 12:50 PM
    Hello Mr.
    Thanks for visiting Jade Spa profile ..
    Feel free to visit our sexy ladies profiles.
    They will be happy to chat with you ..
    We hope to ear from you soon and please stop by us whenever you feel like it ..
    Have a sexylicious day ..
    Jade Spa and the girls
  35. Katherine
    04-03-2016 04:30 PM
    Thank you very much! Yes MM has many spots in my place .
  36. lilly
    03-29-2016 09:47 PM
    Thank you for coming by my profile, I hope enjoyed the view. Wishing you a sexy sweet day!
  37. Talia Ciarra
    03-14-2016 08:51 PM
    Talia Ciarra
    Wishing you and Awesome week! Xox
  38. Sophiaxxx
    03-07-2016 02:57 PM
    Thanks for the picture comments babe, you're too sweet!xo
  39. Lady Sophia
    02-27-2016 07:55 PM
    Lady Sophia
    You are so kind! Muah!
    02-26-2016 02:34 AM
    Thank you
  41. Cato
    02-18-2016 10:43 PM
    I like your caption in IRE!
  42. Angela-french
    02-17-2016 04:15 PM
    Glad you like my pics!! I have pm you xoxox
  43. Lady Sophia
    02-11-2016 07:10 PM
    Lady Sophia
    Awww wow thanks! Coming from you I take that as a huge compliment !
  44. Sophie Love
    02-10-2016 07:12 AM
    Sophie Love
    Bonjour et merci pour ton message. I am trying to give you ''more of moi''. I will be trying to upload more pictures today! Have a wonderful day
    Sophie x
  45. Carley Chase
    01-14-2016 10:57 PM
    Carley Chase
    Hehe, thank you for making me smile
    Wishing you a great night and a fantastic weekend!
    I hope all is well and sending you lots and lots of love
    Carley xox
  46. Eva3340
    01-13-2016 09:12 AM
    Hello Hun, thank you for the greetings !
    Xox hugs and kisses
    01-12-2016 03:09 PM
    Thanks for Peeking!
    Breast Wishes,
    Autumn xo
  48. Lady Sophia
    01-04-2016 05:57 PM
    Lady Sophia
    Ohhh you make me blush! Thanks babes Gosh missing your kind eyes and our wonderful chats. Let's see what spring brings thehehe.
  49. Peachy
    01-02-2016 06:03 PM
    Happy New Year to you too.XoXo
  50. Kate von Katz
    01-02-2016 03:36 PM
    Kate von Katz
    Happy New Year to you as well!
  51. Parker
    01-01-2016 12:54 PM
    Happy New Year!! xoxo
  52. Peachy
    12-29-2015 05:32 PM
    Thanks, I had so much fun taking the new pics.XoXo
  53. Lady Sophia
    12-26-2015 02:45 AM
    Lady Sophia
    Sorry for the delay. I cane home from Cuba with pnumonia
    Been very ill and heavy meds so being on line is hard to manage. Hope you and yours had a joyus Christmas?
  54. Parker
    12-25-2015 01:44 PM
    Happy Christmas!! xoxo
  55. Cato
    12-20-2015 09:51 AM
    Best wishes for Christmas and New Year, Kennedy!
  56. Lady Sophia
    12-03-2015 06:30 PM
    Lady Sophia
    Woyld love a hug. Today was strange. I helped an old lady who roams my street. Passed her a 20 and gave her a hot bowl of pasta. But in doing so, felt quilty not to invite her in to eat in warmth. Just not safe sad eh...I actually felt quilty for even helping haha. Wow..Odd but thats how my brain works.
  57. Sadie Banks
    11-29-2015 02:14 PM
    Sadie Banks
    Thank you, I look forward to having you in xoxo
  58. Malena Parisi
    11-26-2015 09:10 PM
    Malena Parisi
    Thank you ever so much for taking the time to look at my new album and your comment.. XOX
    grazie, il mio piacere è quello di trattare voi come i re si sono ..
    (thank you, my pleasure is to treat you like the kings you are..)
  59. ImCarmenImBad
    11-13-2015 01:49 AM
    That's awesome. I've barely been on here and I've experienced just that!
  60. Sadie Banks
    11-06-2015 11:35 AM
    Sadie Banks
    Thank you for the picture comment!!

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