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Josie  @ Vibe (Previously Kandice MA / Sweet Kandice)
Josie @ Vibe (Previously Kandice MA / Sweet Kandice)
Published by Ironsman1
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Paradise Spa and Angel's Touch
OUT VISITS (They come to you)
First time and I plan to repeat
Default Josie @ Vibe (Previously Kandice MA / Sweet Kandice)

Just returned from the Paradise Spa and Angel's Touch meet and greet, and I have a huge smile on my face so I thought I'd share the experience.

Party itself was very relaxed and fun. It seemed as though most guys there arrived alone. I arrived with a friend, but in hindsight it would have been perfectly fine to arrive alone was everyone was super friendly.

The night started off with socializing with the hostesses, as well as other clients. Some of the hostesses started dancing on the pole, and showed off their dances moves to the applause of the crowd. Everyone had a chance to view the rooms, and to meet the attendants.

The rooms themselves were VERY nice and clean, with modern showers and excellent decor. The rooms were also very spacious, and all came with separate showers.

Once everyone had a chance to mix and mingle, it was time to get down to business! There were staff on hand to handle bookings if you saw an attendant that you'd like to have a session with. She was very helpful in booking me with my first choice of attendant. The door fee was waived since this was a special ocasion, so that was very nice.

Some girls that really stuck out to me were:

Riley: She was drop dead gorgeous imo. She's a brunette and I would guess she's in her early to mid 20s. Very nice and fit body, and was very friendly to talk to. I did not get a chance to partake in a session with her, but she is definitely on the top of the list of people to meet.

Kandice: Very cute and very young blond. She's slim and has a nice toned body, along with smooth skin and perky b cups. She was absolutely friendly, and put in 120% effort to make the session great. Body slides were bountiful, and her body was glued to mine for the majority of the session. She worked various different angles, and performed a stellar ██. I had no idea you can body slide and ██ in so many different ways lol. The finish came with her beautiful ass in my face and her silky soft hands giving junior a work out. The session ended with a nice sensual shower for two, and more attention given to the little guy. I am usually an SP kind of guy, but I will definitely go out of my way to visit Kandice again. Highly recommended.

Sabrina: Very cute French girl with some nice dance moves on the pole. She had a lot of energy, and was dressed up in a sexy office like outfit. Kind of reminds me of the hot girls at work that you'd like to hook up with. She was petite and had brown curly hair. I would guess she's also in her early to mid 20s.

April: Tall busty blond who had a very fit body. She is tanned, and is also drop dead gorgeous imo. Everyone's heads turned when she walked in the room. She also had some nice dance moves on the pole. I did not partake, but am told that she give a pretty intense session.

Hannah: Very slim and fit red head. She has the hot librarian look if you like that kind of thing.

Well that's my recap for the night. Seems like everyone had a great time, and walked away happy. It was a very chill atmosphere, and it was great to see all the attendants in person. One minor gripe is that myself and a few of the other gentlemen would have enjoyed a second session, but by the end of the night most of the girls were packing it in and socializing so we weren't able to get another one. Junior would have been happy with some more attention lol. On the bright side, my wallet is a bit happier.

All in all a great evening. Hopefully this will be a regular thing going forward.

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By Johnny123 on 07-13-2014, 09:38 PM
Default Kandice is fantastic

I had the pleasure of Kandice's company a couple of days ago. She is so sweet I think I may need to go to the dentist for fillings! Just a delightful person; giggly, cute, easy-going, fit, and very attentive. She is very sensual, and either had her hands running up and down me or was in full-body contact the whole time. The session featured body slides from beginning to end! The flip was equally good, and the session ended with a nice shower for two. I highly recommend Kandice for a wonderful evening.
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By Cato on 07-29-2014, 10:07 AM

Kandice is awesome! A really beautiful young woman with a hot, fit, athletic body, long, taut abs, warm smile, great legs, and a great ass! Lots of fun. She gives a whole new meaning to a "hot shower." :)
I loved my time with her, the awesome body slides she did and the outstanding view I got as she worked on me! :)
Nice massage skills too.
Highly recommended!

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By 76Traveller on 07-29-2014, 07:00 PM

Agreed, Kandice is great. Very beautiful and innocent looking (but no worries guys, not innocent at all). I had a fantastic session with her, made me feel like a million bucks right from go all the way until the end, including parts like the post massage shower which are often an afterthought. But can we get her her own review section instead of one under the heading of "Paradise Spa and Angel's Touch party"? Might be easier for others to find these reviews later. :)

  Good idea...
  yes, there should be a separate thread for her!
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By Michel_K on 01-18-2015, 12:04 AM
Member recommendations
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Average 65%
Default Kandice (now at ALO)

I can confirm that this is Kandice who was at Paradise (though I'd never gone to see her at Paradise).
Not going to go into detail. But this girl really gets into it, and is a giggly ball of fun. The massage was great and the conversation was good too. She has a lot to say. Go see her but be nice, be respectful and you will have a good time. I will definitely be going to see this girl again.
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By someguy on 06-04-2017, 04:49 PM

After emailing Sweet Kandice for a few weeks. I finally got my chance to meet her. Appointment with Alo was quickly made thru emails. When she came into the room, I saw a cute young college type girl. After she removed who clothing, I saw a blonde cute spinner with a very tight body. We took a quick soapy fun shower and then went back to the massage room where I got into position. She started off with very firm massage. Plenty of body slides.
We chatted thru out the session about various topics. Got to warn you that she is a giggler and has a cute little giggle. I'm sure if I told bad jokes, that she would have laughed at them. Plenty of hot bodyslides were to be had. She is always asking how I would like it. Then came the flip. The bodyslides on the front were great as well. She gave me plenty to look at as she gave me body slides in all positions. The finish was long and teasing till the end.
She is a lot of fun, aims to please and easy on the eyes.

Had seen Josie starting at the Brass Club a while back. Hadn't seen her for over 2 years now. Had a great time when I met her the first time. But her hours are usually in the evenings. Whereas mine are usually weekdays at noon. But today I had some time to spare and she was available in the afternoon, so I booked an apt. When I got there, she was a bit late due to parking, but i was offereca a cappuccino, and also met Winnie and chatted for a few minutes, She is a very sexy girl who I would like to meet later on. i was led to a room where a few minutes later Josie appeared. She has matured a bit since I last saw her, but was still cute and giggly. We chatted for a few minutes then she started kissing me, this went on for a few minutes while I undressed her and kissed the rest of her body. Things were getting hot so I suggested that she started the shower.

While the shower was getting ready. I undressed her more and myself. She was as beautiful as ever. A bit more curvier then before. Which is a good thing. We got in the shower where we had more hot and soapy fun. Lot's of vertical body slides and more kissing. I them suggested that we go to the massage table. We then quickly dried off and then had to hug each other as it was getting chilly. We got on the table where we cuddled and kissed for a while. I gave her a mini massage and gave her Jello legs to start :). Then it was my turn to be massage. Josie gives a pretty good firm massage and lots of body slides. Then I asked of if I could turn over. More massaging and body slides. I asked her to do reverse body slides so that I can admire her sexy bum.

Then more kissing and a nice long teasing finish. Got to warn you that she is good at the finish and giggles a lot. I finished with a toe curling explosion and ended up twitching for a while. She came and we cuddled and kiss and chatted for awhile. She is not a clock watcher, so we chatted and then took another shower to cleanup.

If you are looking for a young beautiful woman who is a great kisser ymmv and has a very positive outlook on life and giggles a lot. Then Josie is your woman. I've been looking for women that kiss a lot and she is one of them.
Fun to talk to and sexy to boot. Another fantastic addition to the Brass Club. Don't know how Jessica keeps finding these sexy women :)

Note that she works at the Brass Club now, not Vibe.

And can be contacted thru her twitter account.


or at the Brass Club.
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