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Patrick Brown Scandal
Patrick Brown Scandal
Brown lashes out at accusers, says resignation letter sent without permission
Published by Jabba
Default Patrick Brown Scandal

What on earth do you make of all this??

#Metoo going off track or just another busted public figure trying to spin the fallout or something in-between?

"The first casualty when war comes is truth" or paraphrase - attributed to various people (Senator Hiram Warren Johnson 1918, Aeschylus, Agamemnon)


Even as candidates seeking to take over his job arrived for their first debate Thursday, former Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown said he never wrote or saw the letter announcing his resignation.

Brown resigned at 1:25 a.m. on Jan. 25, hours after CTV News reported on sexual misconduct allegations.

In an interview with Global News, Brown said the resignation letter was drafted without him.

“The resignation letter was actually sent out on my behalf without my permission at the time,” he said.

“I thought I would have been shown the email or a draft of what was being prepared, and then I found that it was all done.”

Reports soon surfaced Thursday advancing the theory that Brown could still be the party’s leader, and that the leadership race itself is illegal.

Brown said on Twitter: “I appreciate the enthusiasm but I did not authorize this. I am solely focused on clearing my name, not technicalities.”

In trying to clear his name, Brown is again attacking the young women who accused him of sexual misconduct. In a Facebook post, Brown dismissed their stories as “fictitious and malicious,” claiming they’re lying.

The first case happened about 10 years ago, inside his Barrie, Ont. home. A young woman says he offered her a tour. She was drunk and Brown, a federal member of Parliament at the time, was sober. She says that once in his bedroom, he told her to perform oral sex.

“He kind of shut the door on me and started making moves,” the woman told CTV News.

The second woman was a 19-year-old summer student in Brown’s Barrie office. In 2013, after a charity event, he had an after party in his home again. The 19-year-old staffer was drunk; the 35-year-old MP was sober.

“I was laying there immobile and he kept kissing me,” she said.

Brown says she’s lying. His ex-girlfriend, Mikaela Patterson, was also there.

“I saw him go upstairs and then I vaguely remember her going upstairs,” Patterson told Global News. “I just remember him coming down and being like, ‘I’m driving her home.’”

The accuser’s identity was leaked and widely circulated online, exposing her to intense harassment.

“With Brown’s most recent statements, I certainly expect it to worsen,” she said in a statement.

“I do not take the allegation of being a liar lightly.”

Brown has challenged the women to take their allegations to police.

There’s no requirement to do that, according to Marcy Segal, a former Toronto criminal defence lawyer who is now a litigator and advocate for victims’ rights.

“I wouldn’t say it’s appropriate to bait these people, because if you’re a victim you don’t have to go to the police in order to prove you have been sexually assaulted,” she said. “There’s no requirement to do that.”

Brown has also vowed to sue CTV over the story. The network has not been served with any lawsuit and CTV lawyers, contrary to what has been suggested, are not in negotiation with Brown’s lawyers.

Statement from CTV News:

CTV News stands by our reporting and will actively defend against any legal action. We welcome the opportunity to defend our journalism in court. - Matthew Garrow, Director of Communications, CTV News
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Patrick Brown Scandal

Brown lashes out at accusers, says resignation letter sent without permission
By WildTiger on 02-16-2018, 06:00 PM

As with most things I suspect the truth is somewhere in the middle. If he is guilty then he deserves all the fall out and more. Timing is suspicious with an election around the corner but it is generally very difficult for a victim of sexual abuse to come forward for many reasons including being dissected in the media and having your honesty questioned. And never having been a victim myself I can't imagine the emotional turmoil a victim would go through.

I do, however, disagree with Marcy Segal's statement "I wouldn’t say it’s appropriate to bait these people, because if you’re a victim you don’t have to go to the police in order to prove you have been sexually assaulted,” she said. “There’s no requirement to do that." The problem is that he has already been found guilty in the court of public opinion, family relationships may have been damaged, and his career ambitions ruined. Even if eventually found innocent there will always be those that suspect he got off on a technicality. I don't know what the answer is to balance protecting the rights of the victim with the rights of the accused that is "innocent until proven guilty", but in this age of instantaneous multimedia spin there must be a way to protect the rights of both parties. And if guilty, then string him up!

Abuse in any form can't and shouldn't be tolerated in our society and victims need to be protected and helped. I'm sure I have done a poor job of expressing myself and apologize to anyone that takes offense to this but if the accusations are false then the accused has now also become a victim...
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By Gregsand on 02-16-2018, 06:24 PM

The stories were well know by many Ontario and Federal Conservatives. Some even claimed former NHL player Eric Lindros was the source of the rumours. Whatever happened, Patrick Brown would have gained by staying low key for awhile and settle it quietly. But he instead decided to go out swinging and by airing the party's old dirty laundry.

For anyone on the outside, the meltdown is certainly entertaining. But for those in the middle of it is like watching a captain sink his own ship. As for the young women who came forward, I hope others will corroborate their stories.

Looking forward to more updates on this.
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