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New to this? Things you should know... New members should read this area. Also check the FAQ area (link up top)

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Default Special thanks for the overview.

Appreciate you taking time to explain.

Thank you

Originally Posted by mod View Post
Hi Phil, New members can not post recommendations right away.

New members must get past the moderation period first (5 posts and 5 days) meaning you must post at least 5 posts and you must be a member for at least 6 days before your account will move to a non-moderated account.

WHY? This stops people from creating SHILL accounts (Accounts that are FAKE members trying to post fake recommendations to falsely promote someone).

We can usually spot the SHILL posts a mile away and close the accounts and with this 5 day 5 post rule... it makes creating fake accounts a lot less appealing for those who try to do this.

The moderation period also stops people from posting Negative/slanderous comments, posting in the wrong area and generally breaking the site rules.

To get past the moderation period simply join some conversations, ask some questions (or answer some) and the 5 days and 5 posts will be done in no time... this will give people some post history so that when they read your recommendation is has a little more history to show your not SHILL posting.


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