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Emily Rushton
Emily Rushton
The Weekend Of A Lifetime
Published by r__m__g_uy
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Emily Rushton
I am a regular client now
Smile Emily Rushton

I have had many memorable dates with Emily. And each time we see each other our time together gets better and better. Our relationship has gone beyond just SP/Client, we have become good friends. And an extended escape, a weekend sleepover with Emily seemed like the thing to do. I suggested a sleepover with Em back in 2012 but it wasn't until this past weekend that our schedules worked out and we could be together. It seemed appropriate to have this sleepover at Niagara Falls. After all if it's a honeymoon destination, it seems like the place to go to spend a romantic weekend with someone very special.
I told Em I would be at the hotel the day before our date, so she could arrive anytime on the Friday. She said she would be in at 3:00, so imagine my pleasant surprise when the knock on the door came at 2:30, and this beautiful redhead Goddess was standing there, a big smile on her face, with her famous black and white suitcase in tow. She came in, and we greeted with a big hug and kiss. We began our weekend by just kicking back over drinks, catching up on old news and current events in our lives. All the while with a spectacular view of the falls. Then Em said she had a surprise for me. She got up, disappeared for a second, changed into some Victoria's Secrets outfits I gave her as a gift, and back in the room she came, modelling her new outfits And I was right she looks every bit as beautiful and could be a VS model.
I got up went to Emily, hugged and kissed her, and we slowly undressed each other. We then went to bed, where we kissed, caressed and made love. Afterwards we lay in bed, kissing, cuddling and talking, while enjoying the view of the falls. It was a very romantic evening. And we followed up our romantic evening with a late night dinner in the hotel restaurant. We then went back to our suite and went to bed, a big day awaited.

The first highlight of my Saturday was waking up with Emily beside me in bed. And she truly does have a smile that brightens a room. We weren't in a rush, so we spent a bit of time in bed slowly getting up. Then we got dressed and headed down for breakfast. After breakfast, we went to our outing of the day. For me, the important thing about this weekend was being with Emily, so I was very flexible on what we did. But what lady doesn't like going to a spa (conventional "civilian" spa that is) So I booked a couples massage for us at a spa. Emily's smile, knowing she was getting pampered at a spa, that made it all worthwhile. And I had my first ever spa day.
When our spa session finished, we walked back, stopping to take in the view of the Falls. And we slowly made our way back to our room. We spent the afternoon in our suite relaxing, having drinks over pleasant conversation. And as things progressed, we went to bed, kissing caressing and snuggling with one another.
Then Emily looked at me with a smile on her face, and said she has another surprise for me. But I won't see it until close to dinner. So I patiently waited...something difficult to do while in bed with a beautiful Goddess. But the clock got closer to when we needed to get ready for our dinner out.
I quickly got dressed, and then Emily came in and kicked me out of the bedroom. A few minutes later, out she came and well WOW!!!.....Emily emerged wearing a very sexy white and black summer dress. I've never seen her in a dress before, and she looked absolutely stunning in it.
The least I could do when Emily had gone to so much effort was a nice dinner out. And I guess I did good there, we went to a nice steakhouse for dinner. Meal so filling and so good we split desert and even between the two of us we couldn't finish it. After dinner we went back to the hotel. Me, I had to loosen my belt. We sat in the living room, just relaxing and enjoying each other's company. We decided to go to bed, and watched tv in the bedroom. Finally the late hour struck, and Em and I nodded off to sleep.
Sunday was a high and low. Again, I woke up to Emily's smile, a smile that brightens a room. But today was our last day together. We lounged in bed for a bit, then headed down for breakfast
But all good things must come to an end. Emily had a flight to catch and I had to go home. So we packed up. I went downstairs to the lobby with Emily to see her off. We hugged and kissed good bye.
But the weekend seemed all too short, it could have lasted a lifetime for me.
A lot of details of this weekend are private and will remain that way. Because they are special memories between two friends, and not to be shared. But I do consider myself a very lucky man to have met Emily, and that we clicked and have a special connection. Emily is a very special lady, even more beautiful on the inside than on the out. She is a caring supportive friend, a gem with a heart of gold. I consider myself blessed to be counted as her friend.
And any gentleman should feel fortunate if Emily agrees to have a date with you. So if Emily tours to your city, and you would like to meet her, contact her using her preferred method of contact.
Finally, Emily, we've known each other for three and half years now, this weekend was just perfect.
THANK YOU!!! for another very special time together


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