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Carrie Moon and Bianca Jaguar
Carrie Moon and Bianca Jaguar
Duo Dream Team!!
Published by serenitynow
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Carrie and Bianca
First time and I plan to repeat
Default Carrie Moon and Bianca Jaguar

I've seen the lovely Carrie Moon a few times and we have a great session every time.. but when I booked her this time she mentioned she had a new friend visiting and since we'd been trying to make a threesome happen but were never successful I jumped on the chance to arrange.

Carrie and Bianca greeted me together at the door. Carrie was wearing a short tight dress and Bianca was wearing a short tight camouflage dress with heels so that she almost matched Carrie in height. Carrie is of course curvy and mega busty and enjoys showing off her cleavage and long legs. Bianca is stunning and has a gorgous smile.

The ladies had been tanning that sunny afternoon and were aglow. I followed them both to the bedroom where we all removed our respective clothing as we chatted and kissed one another.

Bianca had told Carrie that she'd never done a 2 girl blowjob so Carrie suggested they start me off there.

BUT..I love to go down and made sure to ask Carrie if Bianca also enjoyed it the way she does.. so I shortly changed

the tables on them and first started getting reacquainted with Carrie's pussy while Bianca sucked on my cock.. then I got Bianca to come up to join me and help me lick Carrie's pussy.. She said she'd never experienced that before.

Bianca licked Carrie's tits.. She was really enjoying her big natural tits..
then Bianca went back to lick her pussy and then I got behind her to lick her pussy.. super hot to watch and of course feel.

and then while I was licking Bianca's pussy Carrie grabbed her big vibrator as she's quite the voyeur.. she wasn't quite able to cum but she was so close to being there..so after she helped me get Bianca off a few times to his pussy
licking she asked me to fuck her.. I know how much she loves my cock inside her and it was what she needed at that point to get off.. and once she gets off the first time it's easier to get off over and over. So I fucked her deep and hard so she could cum a couple times and Bianca borrowed Carrie's massive vibrator to help herself get off some more while watching her and I fuck.

FUCK threesomes can be so fucking hot!!!

I went back to fucking Bianca and now since I had 'broken' Carrie's orgasm seal she could cum properly over and over with her wand while she enjoyed watching me fuck Bianca.. it was so hot. I was fucking Bianca in missionary and then I turned her over for doggie style. At this point Carrie put her head under Bianca's chest and licked her tits and then went back up for some kisses..I kept pounding her like I had done to Carrie.

Now had to taste her 'cum' after having made her cum a few times so I went back down to taste her.. then back up to kiss Carrie..

Now I went back to pounding Carrie.. and then well then.. I was plum wore out fro m all the pounding so I took a break which is when the girls went back to sharing my cock as they had done at the beginning.. that was too much for me and I exploded in Carri's mouth while Bianca stroked my balls.

We were all a sweaty mess now :) What a fun way to get more acquainted with each other. That was my first duo and certianly won't be my last. Thanks Carrie and Bianca for fulfilling that fantasy :)

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Serenity now - insanity later:lol:
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By busytravelling on 08-08-2013, 06:59 AM

I don't have much else to say here cause this recommendation posted the vibe you get with these women. They truly are gorgeous and the experience with them together is something I will never forget.
They really do make you feel comfortable as soon as you get there and they enjoy each other as much as sharing you.
Thanks Ladies and hope to see you again soon!
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