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Heidi Van Horny
Heidi Van Horny
Sex with 23 men for her 23rd Birthday
Published by c**io**m7
Default Heidi Van Horny


MONTREAL — Nearly 500 men have answered a call for 23 men to have sex with a porn actress for her 23rd birthday, though the woman is expressing concerns about the production.
The orgy will be broadcast from a Montreal swingers' club, according to social media postings from XXX AD4 Production.
The actress, Heidi Van Horny, has only been in the business a month.
The Facebook post invites men to take part with their faces masked during the broadcast.
The production company says it's "accepting everyone at the door."
In an interview with QMI Agency, the young woman seemed increasingly uncertain about her desire to fulfil the fantasy.
"Yes, I still want to do it...yes and no," she said. "I still want to impose my conditions."
The actress, who has appeared in ten porn films, said she "didn't really agree" with having the 23 men chosen at random.
She wanted assurances the men don't have any STDs.
Producer Andre Delaseine says the company will protect the woman's safety.
"This is not a gang bang that we're doing, it's Heidi who will make the choice," he said.
The owner of the Eclipse Dix71 swingers' club insists the event is legal.
"This is a private party," Alain Joyal told QMI Agency. "I can't stop 23 guys from coming to your place to have fun with a girl."
Meanwhile, Heidi says she'll be doing some soul-searching before going ahead with the orgy.
"It's my body, I'm the one who will choose," she said.
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