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Lola at Brass Club
Lola at Brass Club
Lola now at vibe
Published by D*****mati**
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First time and I plan to repeat
Default Lola at Brass Club

FIrst off, I want to salute Jessica's ability to find the city's best new talent. Dunno how you do it but don't change a thing!

Had an unexpected free hour in my schedule. After two minutes of browsing my Twitter feed, I saw a post announcing Lola's availability. Despite having done only one shift this week, she had already graduated to the training solo. Her pics showing the promises of a great new petite MA, I texted her to book her for an hour.

If I only did one mistake today was to take an hour - I should have taken way longer.

Her pics just cannot render how gorgeous she is. Many Brassclub ladies are jaw-dropping beautiful but Lola is in a league of her own.

She may be only working her second shift but this lady has skills (and an ass) that could turn a gay guy straight. ;)

She made me feel comfortable in less than a minute (a skill perfected by many Brassclub girl).

While I like to talk a bit first, I couldn't help jumping straight in the shower with her.

The rest is between her, me and the 4 walls of the Brass Room.

All I'm gonna say is that Lola is a talented, gorgeous and lovely young woman that knows how/when to switch between sensuality, relaxation and teasing.

I'll definitively see her again. Does the 3-day rule apply here?
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By silverthreads on 09-26-2016, 06:20 PM
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To put it mildly, I have been enjoying myself over the past couple of weeks; really, Really, REALLY enjoying myself. Needless to say ‘hobbying’, like everything else in life, ebbs and flows in concert with one’s mood and energy level. A session will usually reflect the hobbyist’s enthusiasm and I thought that would be true today. A 1200 session was already on the books, and I did not wish to cancel at such short notice, but my ‘enjoyments’ were catching up with me. Cancelling would have been the worst decision possible, for upon my arrival I was greeted by a vision in red lace and black gown, with the hauntingly exquisite fragrance of Victoria’s Secret vanilla permeating the air. I’ve seen my share of Ladies in Red but not like this – not this vision of loveliness that glided gracefully across the floor, extended her hand and said: “Hello, I’m Lola.” This slender, nubile form was to be my guide to a world of delight I could scarcely imagine.

“Yes, yes you are” was all I could think of to say. “You’re Kitty Lola @ The Brass Club and I’ve been looking forward to this meeting for some time.” I now know why they write songs about Lolas and I bet they are all written after the composer has picked his jaw back up off the floor.

We lingered at the bar for a few minutes chatting about various and sundry items until my tea was ready when I noticed her hand gently resting on my arm. It was at once inviting, encouraging and what I would later discover, a heartfelt desire on her part to make her guests feel unreservedly welcome. This, I must say, is the quintessential hallmark of The Brass Club and the beautiful people on staff!!

Picking up my tea, she led me to the Gold Room. This is my favourite room as there is a nice leather love seat and dual massage tables. Lots of room, lots of comfort yet small enough to allow intimacy to bloom. Slowly, effortlessly, the reveal of the red lace began. Silky, soft and smooth, it was hard to tell where the lace left off and Lola began but I was allowed to try and find out. Needless to say I pursued that objective with vigor. Her tender kisses helped me to make all the right decisions along the way, and her whispers in my ear, warm and secret, turned the heat way up. Lola knows exactly what she is doing, what she wants you to do and she will help you do it all properly.

When Lola says she would like a shower and would you care to join her, nobody could say no at this point – nobody! I like a good hot shower and so does Lola and I don’t just mean the water! We could not keep our hands off each other and the soap had removed all but the most tantalizing remnants of friction between us. I wanted to rinse and repeat, but that could wait until my massage was over.

The dual massage tables have mirrors on two sides and the delights they may have reflected before today have been completely out classed. With just the necessary amount of oil being used, the body slides made me tingle all over. The reason why has to be seen to be believed - Lola is so svelte and graceful it’s like your two bodies become one. As it turns out she had never had a massage from a guest before, so I promptly volunteered to give her one. Her skin is like alabaster and her breasts perfectly formed; responsive to the touch. Again she helped guide me so her experience would be enjoyable for both of us. Sensible, after all, who would know her body better?

Finally, my turn. Some amazing body slides, a kiss and a close cuddle cause the energy to flow, then ebb with immense satisfaction. Shower? No, after a quick tidy there are a few minutes yet – may I cuddle with you? Yes, Lola, you certainly may! A little pillow talk to bring the session to its final minutes, then the final shower. Lola leads me back to the lounge area to say goodbye, then calls for the elevator to return me to the real world I have been trying to avoid.

Lola has not been with The Brass Club for long, completing her training some two short weeks ago. My impression was that she did not need any training whatsoever. Her instincts are so focussed; her expressions so genuine; her talents so obvious and her desire to please so deeply ingrained in her personality that I believe that she is the first, fully functional voluptuary I have ever met. Our time together was so wonderful I am struggling to maintain my objectivity. You can learn more about her by following her on Twitter @kittylolaa.

Lola has the Silver Sailor Seal of Approval with Silver Star for cuddles above and beyond!

You will not be disappointed.
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By ZugZug on 10-24-2016, 12:06 AM
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2 weeks ago, I had the great fortune of spending a part of my lunch hour with Lola (when she was working at The Brass Club.)

Whole, at 5'7", Lola would never fit into the spinner category, it is only because of her height. She has a tight, tight body and a sweet, engaging personality. She set me at ease almost immediately with small talk, and transitioned from talking, to kissing, to moving into the shower extremely smoothly.

Once the shower was taken care of (not without a small amount of fun) and we were all nice and clean, we moved to the table where a massage was had. Lola has a lot of enthusiasm and really put her whole body (literally) into it, with a fair amount of body sliding being done.

A good time was had, after which I reciprocated, and she expressed her appreciation fairly vocally. After a shower to clean up, some small talk while we were cleaning up, we said our goodbyes.

A good time was had by all (although not nearly long enough IMO), and my legs were weak and my body tingled for a couple of hours afterwards.
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By frank2017 on 02-14-2017, 07:28 PM
Smile Lola

I dropped in as a new member at the Brass and Jessica treated me to a parade of the available girls. Felt like I had died and gone to heaven.
After some brief soul searching, I selected Lola.

What a great time with Lola. Great intimate shower and then some amazing body slides with massage oil. Lots of kisses and massage, and of course a great ending.

Somewhat disappointed when I returned and found out that Lola had moved on. I now see that Lola is back in the February schedule. I can't wait to get back to Brass and see her.

Jessica: great organization and atmosphere.
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By Lephturn on 03-22-2017, 03:11 PM
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Default Lola @ The Brass Club

The title needs to be edited - Lola is indeed at Brass.

Follow her on twitter https://twitter.com/kittylolaa or just @kittylolaa

This woman is drop dead gorgeous with a slim lovely figure with just the right curves. She has the most beautiful soft slightly tanned skin and a sweet infections smile. I had exchanged a few short messages with Lola on Twitter and I thought we had the start of a connection... that maybe there would be some chemistry. This sweet lady greeted me like a lover - with a warm hug and kiss that left no doubt that I was about to have a wonderful time.

Connection, intimacy, responsiveness - these begin to describe Lola. I loved that she let the hour flow and happen naturally. We must have spent 10 full minutes simply getting to know each other and slowly disrobing each other - it was magical. Lola is also very well spoken and intelligent - we had a great conversation. That was followed by a slippery intimate shower together and then lots of fun exploring each other on the double massage table. As our time neared an end I was smothered by kisses and cuddles and then we ended with a warm intimate shower together.

After our session I stopped by the nice bar at Brass and enjoyed a tasty sandwich and a beer (at a very reasonable price) as well as the company of the always lovely Jessica and met several of the other ladies.

I had a truly wonderful time. Lola is highly recommended. Word is getting out about this lady, so you'd better book a day or two in advance at least.
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By Cato on 04-06-2017, 07:51 AM

Let me add my own enthusiastic recommendation to this list. Lola is ultra cute, with a beautiful face, a radiant smile, and an awesome body. You have to see her stretched out on the massage table, on her front with that magnificent ass in the air, to fully appreciate how lucky you are. A firm, youthful body, a complete turn-on. She's sweet and fun, and easy to talk to. And so nice to massage! An excellent time!
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By TommyCilantro on 04-06-2017, 07:31 PM

I've never posted before, but after meeting Lola at Brass, I feel compelled to do so, even if pretty much everything that I have to say has been said previously.

First off, she's smart, engaging and funny - all qualities that immediately put you at ease. Second, to say that she's drop dead gorgeous isn't quite sufficient enough. She's stunningly beautiful with magnificent eyes; a smile that will stop you in your tracks, and a look that is both sultry and sweet.

More than anything, what sets her apart is that she certainly seems to enjoy being there with you. Brass can be a pretty active place sometimes, but when you're with Lola, you feel like you're the only two people in the building.

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By someguy on 04-17-2017, 04:57 PM
Default Very beautiful and sexy girl

Today was my lucky day. Had time to get away to myself in the middle of my errands. Saw that Lola was free at the Brass Club at noon and I immediately booked it. This was still early in the morning so I was first :). Usually she books fast. When I got there I was greeted by a very beautiful and sexy girl. she had long curly hair. and a very beautiful face with sexy eyes and luscious lips. I had messaged her before on twitter and had asked her if she kissed, and she had replied with probably? which is a hopeful reply to me. Lately she has had many great reviews and keeps posting sexy pictures of herself on twitter.

Let me tell you that she is better looking in person. She was a bit taller then me, but a lot of women are lol. But she looked shorter in her pictures. She mentioned that many guys have said the same thing. I told her who I was on twitter and lyla. And then she smiled and said it was nice to meet me finally.
We chattered for a bit while we gave each other a hug and a kiss. Then the kisses got a lot better :) Soon we were undressing each other and then we entered the shower. Where we had a lot of fun cleaning each other. she has a great body slim and fit with curves in the right places. Like other's have said she has a great bum and liked to be caressed . Then on the table I go where she began with a nice massage and plenty of body slides. Every once in a while she would come back and sneak in some kisses. Then came the flip, she started more body slides and kisses. Then I just flipped to the side where we just kissed and cuddled for a while. I was enjoying myself. I started to fondle her a bit and she seemed to enjoy herself. She is very vocal with gentle moans of pleasure. Then it was my turn again. I asked her for reverse body slides which she did with no problem. Had a great view of her bum :) More massaging and mutual stimulation going on.
I think I gave her Jello legs several times.
She thanked me for my skills :) Must be all the massages I've been getting lately. Then it was my turn to relax and enjoy her skills. Had a very long teasing toe curling finished. Had to relax for a few minutes while my body twitched for a while. she cleaned me up and we kissed and cuddled for a while. Had a quick shower and chatted a bit more.

This was one of the best first sessions I've had in a while. Very sexy girl that likes to kiss and she seemed to enjoy her time with me as well. Turns out that having pet's in common is a good thing :) Can see why she is so popular and hard to book. Today was my lucky day and hope that I will be able to book her again in the near future. Jessica has good taste in her hostess, hopefully Lola will be here for the long term.

  A great review - thanks so much! Lola sounds awesome :)
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By Urban Cowboy on 01-25-2018, 05:50 PM


I first met Lola (also known as Olivia Luxe) at a different spa where, in a very personal, low-key, face-to-face chat, she elucidated her method of personal success: She tailors her sessions to the client on an individual basis, which translates into being as natural and non-mechanical as possible. She could probably explain it better and in greater detail herself, so I would highly recommend connecting with her to begin creating your own adventure together.

No sooner had the door to the room closed and my coat hung on the hook did Lola enter, five minutes early. Normally I'm already in the shower or waiting post-shower before the lady appears, but Lola set a new speed record for the timeliness of an attendant at Angel's Touch & Paradise Spa.

It's been nearly a year since we last crossed paths but she retained the same vivacious and upbeat spirit, along with looking as stunning as ever in a form-fitting black dress and matching two-piece lingerie underneath. Immediately she slinked seductively into my personal space (which I always welcome and encourage) and lavished her affections on me while we caught up with what's been happening in the months that elapsed and tried to out-do each other with cheesy jokes and silliness.

Some of my best appointments have been where we skip the massage in favour of the fun parts and this happened to be one of those occasions. Even rarer, Lola did not need verbal prompting to keep stroking during the finish and its follow-through, understanding the whole process requires attention until it subsides, which allowed me to enjoy it wordlessly (though certainly not silently by any means).

We finished with time to spare for cuddles, lighthearted conversation, and a shower together. Ever aware that our special time was drawing to a conclusion, I glanced at the wall clock and she playfully accused me of being a "clock watcher", which highlighted to me that she herself was obviously not one. Bless her.

Everything she did, she did extremely well. Stellar session all around. Thank you Lola!
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