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Default Scarlett

I've been flirting with Scarlett on Twitter for a couple of weeks and finally had a chance to meet her last night. I've seen her beautiful smile in some of her posted pictures but I was unprepared for the beautiful eyes that accompany it. They are green with a hint of blue and it's easy to get lost in them.

She met me in the lobby at Brass and I immediately noticed that she had remembered to wear the outfit we had discussed. I like that kind of attention to detail!

Scarlett is not a spinner but has lovely womanly curves that are quite effective during her massage. She also enjoys receiving massage and I was happy to oblige.

She has only been with Brass for about three weeks but clearly is enjoying what she is doing. Scarlett is bubbly, intelligent, and talkative and makes you feel at ease through the whole session. She is careful to ensure adequate time is available for the different activities she has planned.

If you've been looking at her pictures and wondering if you should go see her, do it!
I highly recommend her. If you want more adventure, ask her to bring a toy or a friend for a duo.

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By Lephturn on 08-23-2017, 02:11 PM

I went to visit Scarlett at BC. Beautiful smile, lovely skin. Not a spinner, but that's not an issue. She was very sweet and we had a nice conversation. Not only was the ending great, but she gave a great massage too!

My recommendation for Scarlett at Brass Club.

I found parking right out front as it was evening. A quick buzz and I'm whisked up the elevator to a wonderful place full of scantily clad young women. I'm greeted and shown to the bar (after checking with me and another gentleman at the bar that we are OK seeing another client) and served a cold beer.

I'm greeted at the bar by Scarlett, a dark haired green eyed beauty with a sweet smile. She greets me with a wonderful warm hug and a sweet tender kiss from the most perfect pink lips. Her warm smile and quick wit are followed by a delightful giggle that instantly put me at ease. We shared a drink and a few laughs before being shown to the Brass Room with its king sized bed and huge double shower.

Once the door closed I was smothered by delicious kisses in her warm embrace. I eventually disengaged and stepped back to really look at this beautiful woman. Long wavy dark hair. Big green eyes with a touch of blue at the edges and a little splash of brown in the right one. A big genuine smile and a quick shy bat of eyelashes when she realizes I'm looking. She's wearing a black and red strappy piece that contrasts pale white skin. She permits me to remove this garment before we step into the shower, revealing soft curves of breast topped by perfect pink nipples. We step into the warm shower and I get to explore those delicious curves. Her giggle and her warm embrace easing my tension.

We move to the big bed and she smothers me with kisses before laying me down on the bed and starting a nice relaxing massage. She started gently but checked in with me and increased pressure as I liked in the spots where I needed it. More kisses sprinkled throughout the massage and then on to sexy body slides. Her curves and breasts felt great and she loved the effect it had on me. She loves to tease and have fun, a delightful mix of teasing and giggles. Now I have some other urges and kinks I like to explore, and Scarlett embraced my requests. This lady is a switch and can indulge you one either side of the kinky spectrum. Seeing her pale curvy bottom reddening under my hands felt wonderful and excited both of us. I had my turn massaging her soft pale skin and wonderful curves - made more interesting with a blindfold and nifty restraints she brought to the party. She seemed to enjoy my touch as evidenced by delightful gasps and moans with a rather juicy conclusion. She then turned her attention back to me and teased me to a powerful conclusion. Finally we got up to have another turn in the huge double shower - after a quick pause on the floor for her to get her shaky legs working again - then more slippery fun and kisses as we cleaned up.

Scarlett made me feel a delightful combination of intimacy and hot powerful sexiness. I had a great time and I think you will too.
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By Phaedrus on 11-22-2017, 10:28 PM

A trip to Brass Club, on a wet and windy evening. It was unpleasant outside, but on arrival I was plunged into mayhem at reception - scantily-clad ladies everywhere (it's like that, sometimes) And out of that sexy maelstrom emerged Scarlett, who I'd actually come to see.

We took a few moments to chat and get to know each other a little, and if found that Scarlett's great to talk to. Of course it's not all conversation... clothing was gradually discarded, and initial exploration... escalated. In fact, it escalated very quickly! Isn't that supposed to happen after the massage? Never mind, it didn't this time... so we then moved on to the massage end of things. Scarlett gave me a very relaxing massage, and there was also time for me to get my hands on her for a little while before it was time to head to the shower and bring things to a close.

But I'm already looking forward to seeing her again!
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By Harleyrider on 12-06-2017, 12:28 AM
Thumbs up Scarlett

I have been slow in writing this review as I was hoping I could keep this wonderful lady a secret. That’s pretty selfish and not really fair to darling Scarlett. I have followed Scarlett for a while now on twitter and finally had an opportunity to visit this beautiful young lady at Brass just around Halloween 🎃. After making a quick and easy online booking online I headed over to the club to see what the evening held for me. I had booked the brass room and was quickly escorted there. I wasn’t there long when the beautiful Scarlett joined me, as it was Halloween week she was dressed as a beautiful kitty, complete with a little black nose, whiskers and lovely tail. As lovely as the costume was it looked better in a pile on the floor as we quickly disrobed and headed for the shower. Nothing’s better then the reveal as cloths get discarded, and Scarlett got a great body that’s super easy on the eyes. The shower was very steamy and hot and so was Scarlett, a beautiful young lady with a great body, beautiful smile and great fun attitude. Her massage skills are top notch, very intense message with a perfect ending. She’s a great kisser, with amazing green eyes that you can get completely lost in. We had a great conversation about music, she was certainly not a child of the rock era but her knowledge of 80’s rock is pretty impressive as we discussed the music library of Def Leopard and Led Zeppelin. All in all an amazing 90 mins, I plan to repeat but haven’t had the pleasure due to my work schedule and ability to get back to Ottawa. If you get a chance give yourself a treat and spend some time with Scarlett.
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By someguy on 12-16-2017, 04:30 PM

Scarlett is now at ALO. I had been twittering her for a while and met her quickly at Brass one day. And saw that had switched spa's a day or two ago. I twittered with her for a while. Saw today that she was working and that I had some free time. So I decided to see her at the Carling Spa. She seemed happy to see me as I was her first client at ALO. She was still having troubles with working the shower and a few things as she had just started this morning. She is a cute GND girl. She gave me a nice kiss and we undressed and took a shower. Then we got on the table. She has a curvy body. and is very bubbly and likes to chat, which is great. She gives a nice firm massage which I appreciated and we chatted for a while. She looks like a young college girl. lol which she actually. She is very confident in her skin. I gave her a reverse and was one of the lucky one to make her squirt :) Then it was my turn where she shows me her skills at teasing. Forgot to mention that she likes to kiss and is pretty good at it also. But I had asked for a long teasing finish, which she delivered, had me on the edge till the end with a toe curling explosive finish. Had a fun time with her and I was her first client at ALO.
She should do well there, she already has been contacted by many of her previous clients.
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By sirsmitty69 on 01-22-2018, 08:45 PM
nominated_star A Scarlett Rose by any other name would taste as sweet.

In the middle of the night I awoke in a sweat with my breathing heavy and the front of my boxers stretched tight over the large bulge that had helped wake me. It took me a minute to realize that the vivid dream i just had was no dream at all but a memory, a feeling, an urge and fantasy that had engulfed me just days before. I could not shake the image of that beautiful young woman with a supple porcelin body and eyes that drew you in like a moth to a flame. The touch of her sensual lips as they caressed mine and the feeling of her masterful hands kneeding my body to not only the journey of the pleasure but to the extacy of release. A woman talented beyond here youthful visage. Witty and charming as if she was born an experienced and remarkably intelligent lady. Her beautiful blue eyes and radiant smile drew you in, but the body that held this goddess, kept you captivated and wanting of time itself to stop. Trapping you in this moment for eternity.

Scarlett Rose stole my fantasies and created a world of itimacy and desire that some men can only dream of. From the moment she opened the door and allowed her robe to slightly open to reveal the sensual flesh that was to be unleashed on me, to the soft and tender goodbye kiss as I left, i was her's. The conversations were light and insighful, her humour was witty and sarcastic and her music set the mood of the oncoming dance of oil and sensual touch. We washed each other as if would be the last time either of us would feel the touch of flesh under our fingers. Only leaving the sanctity of the shower to continue our erotic dance elsewhere. We each laid upon the table, taking turns spreading oil onto every part of each other's bodies.

I took whole advantage of my time exploring with my hands and watching how each area i touched invoked different looks and caused soft moans to be released. All of pleasure and excitement in anticipation of the next caress. Scarlett Rose had chosen to honour me with a implement of pleasure with which I used with excitement and skill. I was to witness a truly erotic and sexually fufilling sight as Scarlett flooded my hand and trapped it between her thighs.

Our time together was drawing to a close and it was my turn to feel the sweet taste of relief. Between the touch of her hands on my body, her body caressing mine and the sweet and sensual kisses, i was lost in a fog of euphoria and bliss. Even as we finished our time together, washing away all the work we had done, the passion and joyfulness stayed with us.

In the days that have passed since my rendevous with that sensual goddess, i have had my mind wonder to those moments of extacy and have them completely over take me. Those 2 hours that i spent in that Rose garden of desire, went by so fleetingly, yet will provide me with glorious memories for the rest of my life.

To all the gentlemen who chose to follow in this adventure and to those who have come and gone, treasure this sensual Goddess and treat her with all the kindness and respect she deserves. Find her when you can and enjoy the journey! ALO has a treasure in their midst and a vision to behold.

Thank you Scarlett Rose, you have given me visions and dreams that will live with me a very long time. I look forward to when we can see each other again.

Sir Smitty

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By sluggo on 05-17-2018, 09:32 PM
Default Scarlett Rose

Recently I was fortunate to book a session with Scarlett. I had been following her on twitter for a while and my schedule finally aligned with her availability. So I made a quick booking through twitter with her and off I went.

Arriving at the site I was greeted by a beautiful, young and, energetic woman, who introduced herself a Scarlett. She showed me to the room and after a quick shower to clean up, came back and we began the session. We spent some time talking and getting to know each other and I was impressed by her intelligence and sense of humour.

Then we started off by her giving me a very sensual massage. This increased the heat in the room dramatically, and in an attempt to cool off, I offered to give her a massage, which she readily accepted. Unfortunately, being allowed to massage her hot, sexy body did nothing to cool off the room. She was very receptive to my massage, so the temperature continued to rise.

After some more sexy fun, we again switched and she proceeded to provide me with a massage completed with body slides and many caresses. We then proceeded to the flip which left me with wobbly legs. We followed this up with some cuddles and a quick shower with her to get both of us cleaned up.

Overall, I was glad I had contacted Scarlett and that I had booked a session. I plan to return for a second visit soon.
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By allerob on 06-05-2018, 09:40 PM
Thumbs up Scarlett

Similar to some of the other posters in this review - I have had the pleasure of following Scarlett on twitter. I have also had the pleasure of being able to be in the present with her three times so far - both at the brass club as well as ALO - What a blessing.

it had been quite a gap between our first and second visit together and despite significant changes in my appearance she remembered me immediately and was able to ask me about personal details that we had discussed previously. She has a very personal touch and care and concern for those she spends her time with. It is readily apparent that when you are present with her that she is in the present with you.

as has been mentioned in previous reviews Scarlett is not a spinner. I would better define her as a woman in every sense of the word and attractive as all get out. A soft supple bosum and shapely derriere just add to the natural beauty that starts in her face and radiates out from there.

With regards to our actual session time together - she offers a very pleasant GFE while staying within MA limits. The key I find with Scarlett is to have a free and open line of communication. She will share details and guide those who are new to Massage as well as being able to offer expert sessions for those who are more experienced. She could take the lead during the session but also has the ability to just follow along and be guided down the path of your desire.
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By tongue twister on 07-04-2018, 06:13 PM
Thumbs up Scarlett Rose

What can I say Scarlett is a fun and beautiful young lady. I have seen Scarlett twice and each encounter is unforgettable experience. After I had a quick shower she met me in the room and undressed to show off her excellent taste in lingerie.She invited me on to the table and removed the lingerie she had left on. Then she proceeded to give me a much needed and relaxing massage I could have fallen asleep it was so relaxing but I could not take let my eyes wander from her beautiful body. She then had me roll over as she continued to massage every part of my body. Scarlett then joined me on the table and I returned the enjoyment to her as she hovered hovered over me. Eventually I could not hold back and things got messy. Then she gave me a quick clean off and started the shower for me. Treat this lady right and she will do the same. She can carry on an intelligent conversation, share a laugh,and talk about almost all classic rock. Take it from me it is worth your while. 2 visits in the books and many more to come.
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