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Canada Wide Warnings: To Report Bait and Switch, Scams & Dangerous Encounters (NOT FOR NEGATIVE Report Fake Photos, Scams or Dangerous situations here - DO NOT SLANDER OR POST NEGATIVE REVIEWS AS THAT IS NOT ALLOWED ANYWHERE ON THIS SITE PLEASE
Ladies - We have a private SP ONLY area for you to post bad date info. Contact the MOD for access

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BEFORE POSTING 1) Be sure the person is NOT on the DNR list (BELOW) 2) Be sure a Recommendation thread for her has NOT already been started (ONE RECOMMENDATION THREAD PER LADY - ADD YOUR COMMENTS TO EXISTING PLEASE) 3) Make sure you ask the provider for permission to recommend her 4) If you use one of her photos that is NOT on cerb already please ASK her for permission. 5) Do not comment on things you DID NOT like - focus on the good stuff 6) DO NOT RATE THE LADIES (No 9/10 type comments / ratings please - they are not meat you can just grade anything shy of 10/10 is insulting to many) 7) The "Title" of the RECOMMENDATION must be the LADIES NAME You must have 5+ Posts and be a member for 5+ days before you can make a NEW recommendation but any registered user can COMMENT on any existing recommendation thread. This helps cut down on any SHILL (Fake) recommendations. BEFORE POSTING ANYTHING 1) If discussing a person or company be sure they are NOT on the DNR/DND list (BELOW) 2) Be sure to read the rules here RULES CLICK HERE 3) Only the ladies and Agencies can post contact info and rates (any only their OWN rates and contact info and only in the announcements area) BEFORE POSTING ADS Be sure to read the rules here RULES FOR POSTING ADS - CLICK HERE DNR / DND LIST This stands for Do Not Review and Do Not Discuss Some perople have asked not to be included in the site and asked us to remove any discussions, comments, reviews and even recommendations about them. We must respect these requests and add them to this list. Anyone on this list is not allowed to participate on this site or promote themselves on this site. The Lists..... (The city indicates the city they are usually located in but this includes not talking about them anywhere on the board please).
  • - 353 Spa on Provencher
  • - Anna Sweets
  • - Kitty Galore / Lola LaCoste / KittyKitty
  • - Rose Lyne
  • - jodi karin (jodikarin)
  • - Chanel Exclusive (GoddessPersia)
  • - cici (Massage on Bank in Ottawa)
  • - Angela (Aka - angellas-tlc) (OTTAWA)
  • - Spa Sunshine (OTTAWA)
  • - D akini Bliss (thetantrictouch) (OTTAWA)
  • - Shangrila Spa (OTTAWA)
  • - CheyenneWolf (Toronto)
  • - Cindy (Filipino & Caucasian 19yr old)(WINNIPEG)
  • - Mya of Broadways(WINNIPEG)
  • - Sara_Red (Age questioned)(east cost area)
  • - Savannah/Heidi (Ottawa) (NOT the same person as HEIDI from HEIDIsPLAYhouse
  • - Brittney Collins
  • - LaurenSexington
  • - Mia Morrison (New Brunswick)
  • - kathy and coco (Winnipeg) sunhope spa and Williams massage (aka satisfying massage)
  • - Lily aka Layla works in ottawa stripclubs
  • - Vendela Odegaard
That is it so far. These ladies have asked NOT to be included in this website. Usually this indicated that they did not like some of the comments made on this (or other) sites or just wish not to be reviewed. All posts pertaining to any of these ladies will and have been REMOVED v If any other SP does not wish to be reviewed then please let us know and we will include you in this list to let everyone know that you asked us to remove any posts about you. This will let contributers of the site know that you do not wish to be reviewed however it will make readers assume that negative posts were placed on the site and you ������ us to remove them. If you have nothing to hide then I would suggest you post a thread defending any claims you feel are untrue or not justified. Some of your happy clients will probably back you up if these claims are untrue. Also, Please do not discuss the following ladies (Legal age is in question and they have been asked to verify ID before being allowed to continue on cerb as members of this site)
  • - Ashley (Dylan's finest -East Coast)
  • - Ginger (Dylan's finest -East Coast)

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