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  1. Parkdale Hooker Sweep Nabs 130 Johns
  2. Four-day anti-prostitution sweep in Parkdale
  3. Clinton - all for legalizing prostitution to help prevent...
  4. The secret life of No. 88
  5. the Alberta Advantage - Street gals flocking here...
  6. Bad client listed on SPOC found dead - Suicide
  7. Police can now seize "johns" cars in Alberta
  8. Ottawa launches "Bad Date" hotline for pro's
  9. Legal or not, sex trade here to stay
  10. RCMP raid Vancouver-area massage parlours suspected in prostitution probe
  11. Prostitution won't be decriminalized -- yet
  12. Committee examining solicitation laws can't agree
  13. Group plans challenge of sex-trade laws
  14. Sex workers plan court challenge
  15. Legalize prostitution (In the news again)
  16. "Selling Sex in Heaven" documentary
  17. "A Safer Sex Trade" documentary
  18. Here are some website links you might be interested in
  19. Oshean in Winnipeg appears to be in some hot water...
  20. Niagara victim was known to police
  21. Sex workers challenge Canada's prostitution laws
  22. B.C. prostitutes say sex co-op puts control over industry back in their hands
  23. Montreal: City is trying o take the XXX out of the "red-light" district.
  24. Two Toronto Men Arrested for Forcing Underage Girls into Prostitution
  25. 40 men arrested in Toronto - Street prostitution
  26. Red light district proposed for Toronto Island
  27. Health Issue:Oral sex linked to cancer
  28. Simcoe massage spas raided
  29. The life of a licensed escort - Vancouver ByLaw
  30. Conservatives sidestep call to rewrite prostitution laws
  31. Legal challenge to prostitution laws begins this week
  32. Government rejects MPs' call to rewrite prostitution laws
  33. Judge Orders Men To Wear Chicken Suits
  34. Craigs list used by police to bust escorts in the us!
  35. Why shouldn't prostitutes get real benefits?
  36. Friday: Two Vancouver lawyers will challenge Canada's prostitution laws
  37. Former journalist plans to open co-op brothel for Victoria prostitutes
  38. Parlour's 'manual release' ruled legal
  39. Watch out!!! Street Girls
  40. "Male Semen Makes HIV More Potent"
  41. Free Sex in Prague
  42. Cops crack down on online escorts on C.L.
  43. In the US the cops are using C.L. to bust Johns!
  44. US busts 5,500-dollar-an-hour prostitution ring
  45. Ottawa Sun Escort Article
  46. Ontario passes ban on smoking in cars with kids under 16
  47. Escort found buried in yard
  48. Ottawa/Gatineau Sex Slaves
  49. Boys in Blue Busy
  50. Ottawa Sun Story:
  51. B.C. john challenges prostitution laws
  52. San Fransisco - vote to legalize prostitution
  53. CL Craking Down
  54. US Story on the Sex Industry and Legalization
  55. Only makes sense
  56. Sex doll of the future?
  57. Interesting Ottawa Story
  58. "Cops credit phone service for sex arrests"
  59. More bad PR for the industry in Ottawa
  60. Can you believe this ?
  61. Ottawa Case Alleges Human Trafficing for Prostitution Purposes
  62. Some people have too much money!!!
  63. Review Board Operator Arrested
  64. Recession-sploitation: Start a bawdy house
  65. Ottawa businesses turn to Mayflower Madam for tricks
  66. Stripperenomics
  67. Sheriff sues as 'largest source' of prostitution
  68. Escort found dead in Burnaby
  69. Project that helps Vancouver prostitutes in jeopardy
  70. Google banned all adword campaigns for sites marketing "escorts"
  71. Dr. Phil Episode on Erotic Services
  72. Detectives allowed to receive sexual services at parlour..
  73. Health advocates tout new model of female condom
  74. Man sought in killing possibly linked to CL
  75. Man gets one day for killing hooker :(
  76. Legendary Adult Actress Died
  77. Global economic crisis hits German sex industry
  79. Do Escorts use the social media better than corporate America?
  80. Hacking Conviction for uploading self made porn pic
  81. CL makes changes to sex ads
  82. Not so Lucky
  83. B.C. expert says open to changing sex ads
  84. CL in the news once again
  85. TED Talk by Mary Roach
  86. Speed freaks!
  87. Security or Invasion of Privacy?
  88. Sex work and HIV in China
  89. Pressured by sex workers
  90. Bottom Research
  91. How does your sex life stack up?
  92. Ladies make sure you don't moan too loudly
  93. It is another muscle
  94. CL, cops fight web trade in child sex
  95. Residents favour legalized prostitution: survey
  96. Illicit Sign Points to Village's Charms
  97. Woman held for noisy sex
  98. Berlin 'sex academy' offers tips for visitors
  99. Teen Prostitutes In The U.S.
  100. Put a Sock on it!
  101. Yes, it is a sin
  102. Sexier with age
  103. Sex Business Booms in Sapporo
  104. Rhode Island attempts to outlaw indoor prostitution
  105. Vancouver’s male sex workers fight to emerge from the shadows
  106. United Nations:decrim drug use and sex work
  107. Hope to reality: transforming the Asia–Pacific AIDS response
  108. British Columbia study of Violence against street-based sex-workers
  109. Vancouver Agreement and Ministry of Public Safety/Solicitor General
  110. Southern Poverty Law Center:
  111. Star Whores: return of the courtesan?
  112. Montreal Stripper defeats CRA...
  113. Sex work in the shadows
  114. A shocking news story: Redhead Extinction?
  115. Not using condom considered workplace hazard
  116. Some economic data of the biz in the US
  117. Anti-prostitution protest in Ukraine
  118. Winnipeg opinion on Prostitution Law
  119. jury finds man guilty of raping prostitutes
  120. Victoria's Secret Stores coming to Canada
  121. Cyber bully
  122. Control them through fear and threats.
  123. Nelly Arcan dies
  124. Vancouver trying to change the March for Murdered and Missing Women- Olympics blamed
  125. Cybersoliciting:
  126. B.C. privacy head pans Google’s Street View
  127. Sex-trade workers to fight Canada's prostitution laws
  128. Interesting Article concerning Toronto
  129. Pedal to brothel for a discount
  130. Inquiry fails to find single trafficker who forced anybody into prostitution
  131. Prostitution Now Outlawed In R.I., But Is That Good?
  132. Belle de Jour outs herself
  133. Cafe Cleopetre challenging city of Montreal expropriation
  134. Hugh Hefner Almost Died Having Sex
  135. Crack house bill debated
  136. Prostitutes Offer Free Climate Summit Sex
  137. Dec.17 International End Violence Against Sex Workers Day
  138. CBS News article: "Montreal residents fight prostitution online"
  139. Nevada brothel aims to offer 1st male prostitutes
  140. Toronto man arrested for running brothel
  141. Drive-Thru Strip Club in Pennsylvania
  142. Tiger Woods Fallout
  143. BeautifulPeople.com boots Canadians who gained weight
  144. BBC reports the G-spot a myth???
  145. U.K. Sex Polls
  146. "Meeting John" -- Documentary on CBC's "The Current"
  147. Star Wars Burlesque
  148. "CL Cheaters" article in Mare Claire
  149. history of prostitution
  150. Robot sex a reality
  151. feminazis coming to toronto.....
  152. Sex workers as sex offenders
  153. Sex Industry in Korea
  154. Briton faces jail for noisy sex
  155. How to get pregnant from a blowjob
  156. "Men Who Buy Sex"
  157. sexlets........a gum.....
  158. CHEK News Report, Victoria BC
  159. Depictions of Female Orgasm Being Banned by Classification Board
  160. The cost of an affair
  161. Porkin'
  162. Help save David Kiely's job!
  163. Not sex, but masturbation...
  164. Endangered Species Condoms
  165. Swiss prostitutes trained to use defibrillators in brothels to prevent clients dying
  166. sex.com goes tits-up
  167. Escorts Raise Cash For Haiti
  168. Soldier gave women STD, charges say
  169. Hobbying safer than bar hopping?
  170. Escort obtained judgment for libel & defamation from post made on review board
  171. Men charged for pimping teens
  172. Motherhood at 14
  173. Condoms for all ages
  174. Stewardess Uniforms goes for £1,500
  175. Sex sells
  176. Manitoba Hotels to watch for sex exploitation
  177. Collection of Sex Worker's DNA in Canada
  178. Nurses' union: Care does not include sex
  179. Sex toy buzz helps launch ex-Nortel engineer's startup
  180. Elms was arrested on charges unrelated to his website...
  181. Date Gone Wrong
  182. B.C. community latest to consider outing johns
  183. 59% of public in France support legalization of Brothels
  184. Buy your lingerie at Mark's
  185. Butt Bra
  186. 200-year-old sex toys sold at auction
  187. Iceland's strip club ban: A feminist victory?
  188. Very sad.
  189. "Sex work should not be a crime" - Guardian UK commentary - April 7, 2010
  190. Aussies Safer in a Brothel than in a Church
  191. RCMP Track Street Workers in Nanaimo
  192. Extramarital sex fuels earthquakes
  193. Not all sex workers are victims - Guardian, UK, April 14, 2010
  194. Escorts assaulted by man posing as cop: Police
  195. Sexy Librarians
  196. Escort concerned something was wrong before attack
  197. Language law in Quebec Sex Shop
  198. Facebook: Catalyst for Intolerance in Australia
  199. Sex Ads Account for a Third of CL's Revenue
  200. Canada to get its first domestic porn TV channel
  201. Debate sheds light on students in sex work
  202. Chimpanzees Use Tools to Help their Sex Lives
  203. HIV Positive Ottawa Man Having Unprotected Sex
  204. The Hazards of Sex
  205. Canada shuts down fake AIDS charity
  206. "Easy Girls"
  207. 3-D Playboy Centrefold - June 2010 Issue
  208. Canada's First Adult Entertainment Awards
  209. Brothel Busted In Vancouver
  210. South African Labour Laws Apply to Sex Workers
  211. 5 Men arrested in Moncton
  212. Bangladesh's dark brothel steroid secret
  213. Urinal shaped like woman's mouth removed
  214. Male Porn Star Kills 1, wounds 2
  215. Offbeat But True Stories
  216. North Van Man Faces Charge Of Aggrivated Assualt For Not Exposing HIV Status
  217. Bad laws, not bad whores
  218. Transgender Men Go Topless at Delaware Beach -- and Police Can't Do a Thing
  219. Nude Maid Service in Nebraska
  220. World’s Strongest Vagina
  221. Sexsomnia
  222. Richmond spa caught with pants down Third massage parlour suspended in less than 10
  223. World Naked Bike Ride Day
  224. Sex Addiction and Neurological Damage
  225. Calgary man says he beat prostitute in his sleep
  226. Naked Girls Reading
  227. No 'boom boom' for Joburg's sex workers
  228. new dot-xxx domain names approved
  229. British Motor Racing Boss Dies After BDSM Session With Dominatrix
  230. Swingers, Sex Workers, STIs: Same Data, Different Day
  231. Redheads have more sex!
  232. Bangladesh sex workers plump up on cow steroids
  233. World Cup Avoids Flood Of Sex Workers
  234. Schoolgirls Controlled by Loverboys
  235. Fighting to Escape the Sex Trade
  236. Truth Requirement for Pick-up Lines
  237. Australia New South Wales Explains Why Legalising Prostitution Works
  238. Monogamy unnatural for our sexy species
  239. woman dies after getting silicone injections in her buttocks
  240. Organized crime law changes unveiled
  241. Escorts assaulted by man posing as cop: Police
  242. Churchgoers, strippers protest one another in Coshocton County
  243. Fund in UK Empowers those with Disabilities
  244. Take a good look world. If they can do it - what's our excuse?
  245. Health Canada Warning: SeXXX Drive herbal supplement
  246. Ottawa prostitutes living in fear
  247. Companion for Hire - Monday Magazine
  248. Inflatable Sex-toy Challenge
  249. CL News
  250. Fat Men Enjoy Longer-lasting Sex