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  1. Ladies, Please Read: Caution
  2. Ladies, Please Read: Caution
  3. if in abbotsford
  4. if in abbotsford
  5. Post Rules for this area
  6. Rip Off in Vancouver
  7. Pink Kitty in Ottawa
  8. Ottawa Asian Escorts
  9. Cindy from Winnipeg Section
  10. Threat of violence in Saskatoon
  11. Incall horror warning
  12. "Asian Girls" found in phone book
  13. another CL fake
  14. More fakery, when will it end ?
  15. These guys just don't get it, more fakes, same girl
  16. Wow Lindsey lohan + bonus fake
  17. and another fake...
  18. Here we go again with the fakes....
  19. Elle on EC Ottawa
  20. Another Sunday, Another Fake!
  21. Pretty sure those pics were fake or outdated
  22. Don't do it- you'll be sorry!
  23. same number same bullshit
  24. Thread Removed - Shill
  25. Fake Pictures Vancouver CL Great specials -all night - w4m - 25 - (yaletown) pic
  26. HOT LITTLE NEWBIE!!!!!!! GFE - w4m - 19 - Don't be fooled
  27. TIA, the cute little school girl- FAKE!
  28. My personal safety..was compromised today
  29. Bait and swich - You decide! Alexis Gentlemen's Choice
  30. He can't even match the B & S pics
  31. Sadie Executive Escorts fake pics
  32. Sadie Executive Escorts fake pics
  33. Sexy Keisha-Lexie, CL fake
  34. List of bad CL phone numbers
  35. yet another CL fake!!!
  36. Start your day off right with two new bait and switch cl ads
  37. Give me an F, Give me an A, Give me a K, Give me an E
  38. Labour day weekend fakery
  39. Better late than never, CL fake
  40. I am shocked...
  41. so many fakes, so little time
  42. Don't be fooled
  43. Honey's World :)
  44. "This you gotta see" reads the cl headline...
  45. Look what you did cowboy!!!
  46. TANYA (cl) is stupid
  47. Young FAKER up for 2 days of fun!
  48. Quest-chat SCAM
  49. El salvador Chick Jade from CL- busted
  50. Tina: too good to be true?
  51. fakes, fakes and more fakes...
  52. West End Incalls and Specials on Outcalls
  53. Veronica/Sasha Exposed!
  54. Here we go again!
  55. Honeyzworld Carrie FAKE FAKE FAKE, how disapointing
  56. You are not going to belive this.....
  57. Sad, funny and fake....
  58. New number, same ol fakes...
  59. Mona Cl Fake
  61. Rose from CL
  62. Shocking News... Asian Bait & Switch revealed!
  63. Warning to sps and agencies!! L.e is doing stings
  64. Bait and Switch, back to the same old games again
  65. CL One night stand possibly a fake
  66. New Agency, New Girl.... Same bullshit
  67. A busy week for bait and switch
  68. Another CL scam
  69. touring island beauty FAKE
  70. More Fake Asian Escorts in Toronto
  72. warning
  73. Nice try 123jewel
  74. STAY AWAY from Victoria from CL
  75. Which is the fake?
  76. Street walker got me for $80
  77. How Can I Stop This??
  78. Warning - Reports of a Hailey in Ottawa asking you to pay the driver upfront??
  79. kim on cl
  80. Triple A spa
  81. Has anyone tried her?
  82. Canada's Sweetest
  83. CK, I think you have pissed them off again
  84. SunDay Fun Let me please you!
  85. Naughty schoolgirl...
  86. April fools or not???
  87. Welcome Divas Agency
  88. Hijacked SP Email Address
  89. Prince of Wales and Meadowlands Special
  90. Lovely Ashley - anyone TOFFT?
  91. sexy Erika
  92. Sasha on CL
  93. More CL bullshit
  94. hookuphotel
  95. Security checks / Vanessa
  96. Don't get caught in the Asian sweep!
  97. another scam?
  98. I got robbed!
  99. They're back........again
  100. Possible New Scam on CL??
  101. Brittany/Rachel
  102. New to Cerb! Sexy, Petite Redhead looking for fun!
  103. kayla & katie
  104. New agency B&S
  105. sketchy, avoid!
  106. fake pic
  107. Scammed by SP's?
  108. CL B&S w/ 'Amy'
  109. CL Bait and Switch. Big surprise I know.
  110. Beautiful Jenna
  111. Questionable practice - Ad on CL
  112. Jenna is at it again!
  113. 2 exotic cuties in town for the weekend
  114. This is the type of Crap that some ladies are put through on CL
  115. asianfantasy.net
  116. Roxy - massage on cl
  117. CL advertised "honest and not like the other girls"
  118. Dangerous Situation on Heatherington
  119. Encounter with a Dangerous Client Today
  120. fake Photo
  121. coco - Asian Mousse?
  122. Email hijacked!!!
  123. Desiree at barbarellas
  124. Honey at Barbarella's
  125. Candyland Kelly
  126. New New New Black Lady (Ottawa Sun)
  127. misslolo
  128. French Nichole on EC, BP
  129. Taylor on BP - ••• ☆ ▓► ☆ - -H- O - T - T- E - S - S- T - B LO N D E -- - caution--
  130. Need help/advice
  131. Tiara on BP - dangerous scam situation
  132. Using my pictures to advertise.
  133. Roxanne Nympho
  134. You got to try it! Star Health Spa
  135. Jill In Orleans
  136. fake add stolen photos
  137. Dirty Arabian Aalyiah
  138. Smoke show on BP
  139. Julie from BP is Tori Black
  140. Reporting 613-851-6220 from backpage
  141. Someone using my pics in Ottawa
  142. Bp Alyssa
  143. Is she real? Nina
  144. WARNING: do not text (613) 324-0047
  145. Be aware, alissa
  146. Any info on "Jules"?
  147. Sandy on BP
  148. Mia Khalifa Scam Ad
  149. Scam Ad on BP: Dreams Don't Come True
  150. Med Student on Backpage? No!
  151. Scam Ad on BP: Queen Tayana
  152. Be careful
  153. Scam Ad on BP: Rachel Alice is not in Ottawa
  154. Scam Ad on BP: Is Nicky Real?
  155. Look out for these NOT real ladies...
  156. Scam Ad on BP: Miranda
  157. Scam Ad on BP: Ms. Angelina 🤐
  158. Scam Ad on BP: Jenny
  159. Scam Ad on BP: Eva
  160. Fake Ad on BP: Ebony Ashley
  161. Fake Ad on BP: Bianca Blonde Blonde
  162. Fake Ad on BP: Stella
  163. Fake Ad on BP: Russian Girl
  164. Fake Ad on BP: Ebony Aliicia
  165. Stolen Photos on BP
  166. FAKE : Asian Michelle on BP
  167. FAKE AD: Asian Michelle on BP ...
  168. Fake Ad on BP: Jazzy 19
  169. Assault and Robbery of "John"
  170. Kelly BP using stolen pics.
  171. Jessica from BP using stolen pictures from Taylor
  172. Another Fake Using Stolen Pics From Taylor Devine