View Full Version : Canada Wide Warnings: To Report Bait and Switch, Scams & Dangerous Encounters (NOT FOR NEGATIVE

  1. Each city will have it's own B&S warning area - if your city does not just read this.
  2. A New Nigerian Scam
  3. fake profile pictures
  4. Edmonton Scam
  5. Read carefully
  6. their doing it in French now too
  7. Craig Verify
  8. Australian bait and switch operation
  9. After midnight girls Vancouver Agency
  10. Stolen phone... xxSabrinaxxx
  11. Am I the only one to think this s**t should be deleted?
  12. Dangerous or weird practices...
  13. Reporting some fake pictures?
  14. Someone is impersonating me
  15. An ad for me on another site that I did not post!!!
  16. ya those photos are real...really mine
  17. Ad in Vancouver where my photos are being used Without permission
  18. Hannah Star Stolen Pics
  19. Sudbury Robberies Of Clients on Dell Street
  20. Katie the Kutie
  21. Someone is using my photos