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  1. Is prostitution legal in Canada??
  2. What is legal?
  3. Should the federal government uphold sex workers' human rights?
  4. 'Criminalize' customers, not prostitutes
  5. Escort Laws in Plain English
  6. money for sex
  7. legal warning ... hold and weight?
  8. Some municipalities are defining the word "Escort" improperly here in Canada!
  9. Bust
  10. I'm confused
  11. sex work fact sheet part 1
  12. Times are changing
  13. The human toll of criminalizing the escort industry
  14. Against Sexual Exploitation
  15. Threatening or Stalkers
  16. Groups refused standing at prostitution law July 3/09
  17. Proposed Terms of Reference for Canadian Adult Entertainment Commission
  18. Canada's sexual history
  19. Sex Report
  20. libby davis supports coop brothels and decrim
  21. Moncton Bawdy House Trial Verdict: Guilty
  22. BC Court Constitutionality-Appeal update
  23. Does anyone know anything about this ?
  24. Man charged with keeping brothel in Kitchener hotel
  25. Speaking Out Against Bawdy House Bust
  26. Bawdy-House Charges Laid in Saskatoon
  27. what is the risk of arrest in ottawa
  28. Nova Scotia Human Trafficking Awareness Network
  29. Police Sting Tactics at Issue before BC Supreme Court
  30. Any News??
  31. Regulating Sex in Canada - Research study
  32. The staggering incoherence of Canada's prostitution laws‏
  33. Police put wrong focus on Ottawa sex trade
  34. Bawdy House Laws
  35. The Demise Of The Brothel / Agency - Reasons??
  36. Escort Agency License
  37. Legal age for prostitution?
  38. OPP Make Additions To "Serious Crimes" List
  39. Bawdy Politics
  40. MP Bids to Make Buying Sex Illegal in Canada
  41. SPOC's Constitutional Challenge - Decision on Tuesday, Sept 28th
  42. ont court
  43. Communicating law struck down!
  44. Ontario Court Deems Prostitution Laws Unconstitutional
  45. Constitutional Changes - Next Action Steps
  46. What if... Worst Case Scenerio
  47. Court Ruling, What does it Actually Mean To Us In The Industry?
  48. Tory MP sees "the nation as the pimp" if ruling stands (WTF?)
  49. What do you think is the right prostitution laws for Canada?
  50. The backlash has started
  51. Prostitution laws continue for at least another month
  52. Contact dances: entertainment or prostitution
  53. Prostitution polls -Angus Reid
  54. Libel via Hyperlink -- Case heard in Supreme Court of Canada
  55. Cops crack down on pimps in Mississauga strip clubs
  56. Strip-Club Contact Dances
  57. has there ever been a bust on an independant escort
  58. U.S. Acknowledges human rights needs of sex workers
  59. Understanding Bedford v Canada
  60. "Car dates"
  61. Is it illegal to run a professional agency
  62. Manitoba Targets Landlords of Escorts
  63. Drunkeness Defense in Sexual Assault Cases
  64. Two Supreme Court Justices Retiring Early
  65. Tory Convention
  66. Decriminalizing Prostitution - debate on Albert Primetime, May 31, 2011
  67. Visiting and would like to know what is illegal
  68. Video - Debate on CBC's "Power & Politics" re: sex trade laws
  69. Video - Debate on Charles Adler: Prostitution Pros and Cons
  70. TVO Interview with Alan Young
  71. Paying for Webcam
  72. Prostitution laws face new B.C. challenge
  73. Landmark Insite decision threatens peace between judges and legislators
  74. Help on interpretation of the law.
  75. City 'Bylaws' for MP's - Do They Exist?
  76. Being "Legit"
  77. Safer Communities Law could face hurdle in Nova Scotia court
  78. OHS Article
  79. Decision coming on March 26 from Ontario Court of Appeal
  80. The Swedish Law as a Failed Experiment in Social Engineering
  81. Why this year could prove to be the Charter’s most controversial
  82. Ontario Pimping Law Appealed!
  83. escort service, legal?
  84. Paying For Sex
  85. Someone's Using My Likeness!
  86. Is advertising/taking incalls illegal/risky?
  87. Leaving well enough alone.
  88. Are incalls risky?
  89. SCC to rule on leave application on Thursday
  90. Which provinces have the toughest laws against prositution and which have the least?
  91. Contracts for agencies??
  92. Generic Viagra, coming soon (probably)
  93. EC vs BP?
  94. Oppal report on Pickton killings signals the end of current prostitution laws
  95. Video Taoing Encounters
  96. Why ask me if I am a cop?
  97. Serious questions about INCALLS from a HOTEL?
  98. SP Travelling to the US?
  99. Rethinking Managment in the Adult and Sex Industry
  100. Helping with an escort's ads, etc.
  101. Relevant city of Ottawa by-laws
  102. Legalities of doing calls in Transport Trucks
  103. Why aren't police looking at this site?
  104. Canadian BP Sting?
  105. If someone that has made a transaction
  106. Do police have to tekk yoy they are associated with the law??
  107. Communication...Txting...Illegal?
  108. Speech from the Throne
  109. Fully decriminalized prostitution in Canada. What does it look like to you?
  110. CPC convention - resolution regarding "sexual exploitation"
  111. Massage Parlours/Bawdy Houses/Brothels
  112. Supreme Court unanimously strikes down Canada's anti-prostitution laws
  113. The Nordic Model - We May Be Worse Off Than Before...
  114. What Should Happen After Bedford
  115. Canada's Sex Work Laws: Don't Break What We Worked So Hard to Fix
  116. 100 Countries' Prostitution Policies
  117. NB's Largest City in a "Holding Pattern" regarding laying charges
  118. How would you deal with a Nordic-style law in Canada?
  119. How would the Nordic System affect other types of Clients?
  120. thread from the attorney general of manitoba
  121. Public Consultation on Prostitution-Related Offences in Canada
  122. Does Anyone Know Anything About This?
  123. Joy Smith, Made in Canada Nordic Model
  124. peter-mackay-promises-new-prostitution-bill-before-summer
  125. City of Calgary
  126. new prostitution bill
  127. Canadian Sex Offender Registry
  128. How to look like a John or Prostitute
  129. Peter McKay's sidekick debates C36
  130. decriminalization of sex work in New Zealand
  131. The parties do not need a judge; what they need is a kindergarten teacher"
  132. Summary of bill C-36 legal effects
  133. This weekend's news...
  134. Bill C-36 Media Watchlist - you can help!
  135. Class-Action Thoughts
  136. Should lawmakers be outed?
  137. C-36 Senate Meeting Transcripts - Oct 29th/30th
  138. The Unintended Consequences of Demand Side Reduction Strategies in the Market for Sex
  139. Wynne has ‘grave concern’ about new prostitution law
  140. The new law explained with toys
  141. evidence-based approach
  142. Interesting case
  143. Need Help !!!
  144. Brenda Cossman: Sex workers given lower bar when it comes to consent
  145. Grrr. Raging at laws, so easy to solve!..
  146. please sign this.....its important....
  147. Commercial Sex
  148. Online consultation with sex workers about the impact of the new laws
  149. minors posing as adults on line
  150. Trafficked minors can't sue Backpage
  151. Legal challenge to new SW law in Northern Ireland
  152. How to Report a Website to their Host Server
  153. The Evolution and Human Rights Impacts of Anti-Trafficking Laws In Canada (2002-2015)
  154. Ashley Madison Extortion Attempt
  155. Minneapolis doesn't want strippers on party buses
  156. Is sensuous Full Body Massage Illegal.
  157. Possible Consequences?
  158. Wisdom of the site-electronic messaging
  159. Need some advice ..
  160. Medicine Hat man charged with attempting to purchase sexual services at hotel.
  161. Profile of a Backpage / CL Sting Post
  162. Safer border crossing tips for sex workers
  163. Policy Brief: The Decriminalisation of Third Parties
  164. A long road ahead...but!
  165. How does the law protect friends of providers?