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  1. Seeking Managers/Bosses/Madams for Exciting Research
  2. About this section - please read before posting here
  3. Participants Needed!!
  4. AESHA (An Evaluation of Sex workers Health Access)
  5. Harm Reduction Supplies Available via our Outreach Team!
  6. Sex Safety and Security Study
  7. Adult Industry Management: Participate in Research on Work, Health, and the Law
  8. Workshop with Rachel Wotton of Scarlet Road - Montreal
  9. Workshop with Rachel Wotton of Scarlet Road - Montreal
  10. Seeking Sex Workers for Study on Sexual Arousal and Desire - Montreal
  11. seeking research participants
  12. Research Participants Needed
  13. I'm Not a Victim website
  14. Seeking Participants
  15. Stepping Stone Halifax
  16. Seeking Research Participants (Ottawa and Montreal)
  17. POWER is seeking research participants in Ottawa
  18. POWER(Ottawa-Gatineau) Monthly Sex Worker Socials
  19. Seeking Sex Workers and Clients to Participate in Our New Study