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  1. Why Are People Scared Of BBBJ???
  2. Oral sex and health issues
  3. STD risks with area SP's
  4. SDT/STI oral poll
  5. Viagra fears!
  6. Drinking Water
  7. Any Alternatives to Viagra and Cialis?
  8. A few questions about safe sex..
  9. alternative health sites
  10. Canada AM: Men's Health Issues
  11. STI Health Risks chart link
  12. What Is Your Favority Health Snack?
  13. Is belly fat putting your sex drive in neutral?
  14. A forum for health, hygiene and wellness?
  15. Sex Addiction - Does it exist?
  16. Flu vaccine, are you getting it or not? and why?
  17. Flu vaccine sequel
  18. Do you drink enough water?
  19. Kissing and flu season.....should we?
  20. Post-sex blues common: study
  21. How do escorts handle people with herpes?
  22. A new Superbug? Yikes!!
  23. STD testing
  24. anyone has insomnia
  25. Diabetes 2
  26. How safe is a BBBJ?
  27. surgery for weight lost
  28. Anyone taking Lipitor ?
  29. Untreatable Gonorrhea
  30. A question to smokers
  31. A Question About STI/STD Testing
  32. Organic vs non ogrganic
  33. STD's
  34. quitting smoking :)
  35. Vaccinations
  36. The Flu Shot
  37. Question about clients who are sick
  38. Public Service Health Care Plan
  39. HIV Risk Transmission by Sex Act
  40. DATY-beware HPV
  41. At Home HIV Test
  42. STD/HIV testing, are we all being responsible?
  43. Diets? Your experience
  44. HPV Vaccine? Swindle?
  45. What home remedies, vitamins, supplements and herbs do you use.
  46. How Often Do You Get Tested?
  47. Honey and Cinnamon Is Good For Your Health
  48. How often do you get tested?
  49. How safe is your sex?
  50. herpes and other sti testing?
  51. Low testosterone?
  52. Just the facts please STI transmission risk
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  55. Question concerning sex addicts in the industry.
  56. free P S A clinic - Ottawa - May 2, 2015
  57. Are You Chicken?
  58. Herpes and oral sex
  59. The Sacred Intimate-- An integrative approach to sexual healing
  60. Mental Health Awareness Week May 4-10
  61. On Depression
  62. Peel HIV/AIDS Network
  63. Loblaws recalling hummus
  64. Sexual Health Centre Clinic - New Info.
  65. New high-tech female condoms!
  66. How amazing is this!!
  67. Emily Nagoski Ph. D- Sex Educator
  68. Do's and Don'ts before getting intimate
  69. Having a seriously rough time mentally at the moment...
  70. Promescent - Anyone tried it?
  71. Medical study about why some women get HIV but others don't: it is about a bacteria
  72. Coconut Oil as lube
  73. Flu shot
  74. Flu Vaccine
  75. Some advice would be greatly appreciated
  76. M. Genitalium what you need to know
  77. When you need to stay up just a bit more
  78. Pilates and boxing class
  79. Google Cardboard Saves Baby's Life
  80. Canadian developped HIV vaccine
  81. Birds do it, Bees do it….
  82. Cdc-confirms-case-of-sexually-transmitted-zika-virus
  83. Camera inside vagina records sex
  84. Diabete Type 2
  85. Should I Hold Off For Now?
  86. Massage Oils and Skin Sensitivity
  87. Lelo is launching a "new inovative condom"
  88. Massage Therapy Epiphany
  89. Go Red for woman - heart attack symptoms
  90. Premature Ejaculation -- It's all about time!
  91. Premature Ejaculation -- It's all about time!
  92. My condom experiment
  93. donating blood
  94. The Smell Factor
  95. Thirty years out
  96. Biggest loser challenge
  97. See red, see your doctor
  98. bras inspired by architecture
  99. SP's with PCOS
  100. Bra or braless.
  101. Thoughts Regarding Herpes/Hsv?
  102. OK, if you say so... I'm in!
  103. advice wanted: SP just beginning a serious addiction
  104. Milk Kefir and Kombucha tea
  105. Fyi-Superbug gonorrhea
  106. Any tips and tricks for back pain?
  107. Agencies and Indies and Testing
  108. STI Testing In Calgary
  109. More Lead in the Pencil
  110. Stay safe.
  111. Holistic confusion
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