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How do I place an ad on lyla??
This is a discussion forum and we allow the ladies to post ads the announcements area. These are actually threaded posts.

For Toronto for instance you can visit the Toronto area for announcements...

Here is a link:

Then click on the "Start new thread" button.

Also we have CLASSIFIED ads on lyla.com
Here is a link:
https://www.lyla.com/classifieds/ (Click "Place an Ad") to get started.

Another good place to advertise is the SHOUT BOX but be sure to read the rules for the shoutbox. Here is a link:

The LIVE CHAT ROOM is another great place to acquire customers. It has LIVE AUDIO AND VIDEO capabilities as well. This can be VERY EFFECTIVE if utilized correctly.

lyla.com has MANY ways to advertise. Paid advertising is another great way to promote your business and help support this great site. To find banner rates please see this link: https://www.lyla.com/advertise

Editting & Deleting posts
- Moderated members (Less then 5 posts) can not delete or edit posts
- General Members (5+ posts) can edit posts within 12 hours then the post is locked (the system logs each edit so abuse of this feature would get a member suspended or banned)
- We DO NOT delete posts (including old ads) the system will eventually PURGE or ARCHIVE all old posts
- Yes, The search engines will pick up your posts (including phone numbers, names and details) and once the search engines have that info it takes a LONG time before it goes away! When you post on the internet stays on the internet.

Deleting accounts & posts

General Forum Usage

User Profile Features

Reading and Posting Messages

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