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Rules & Welcome letter (In case you choose to NOT read it)
Welcome to the site!

- No Slander
- Post only positive recommendations! This is not a review board!
- No advertising prostitution related services or advertising sites offering such things
- No posting nude photos or photos depicting sexual acts. Yes this site is adult but we do not allow porn
- If you do not have anything nice to say don't say it!

DO NOT TRY TO CIRCUMVENT THE WORD CENSORS - If the site does not allow you to post a certain word, it does this for a reason. If you choose to try to circumvent this you will be asked to leave.

-Do not post links to other escort discussion forms or tell people to go somewhere else for info or to "Search" for it in a search engine
-No Spam! this includes SPAMMED ESCORT/MASSAGE AD POSTS! or ads for photographers, drivers or other such things!

Escorts & Massage providers can post ads (Themselves) in the announcements section and in the classifieds ads ... only - not in the other sections. Escorts and Massage providers are encouraged to participate in discussions however you can not advertise your services or hijack threads. Advertisers are asked to read the posting rules for advertising - it's free to advertise here just please read the rules first! We do NOT allow prostitution related ads here.

Be nice and we will have a good community here. We do have a short "no-discussion list" of people who do not wish to be mentioned - please read the list regularly and respect them by not posting publicly. If someone asks about them you can PM the info only.

Guys, do not post rates of the ladies and please do not try to get the ladies to lower prices! Prices the ladies post are for the ladies TIME WITH YOU not what you do when in private with them. Do not ask for a lesser rate to go to dinner then to sit and chat over coffee one hour is one hour either way. Discussions here are not to be based on prices. The ladies have the right to choose the price they wish to charge for their rime and they have the right to post their rates publicly if they wish to. Even with the ladies permission we ask that you do not post the ladies prices.

Nude photos (including public hair, vagina, penis, anus, sexual acts or anything illegal of course) are not permitted on the site. It is also illegal to post photos that suggest sexual acts!

What we are all about here....

Are you looking for BAD reviews of who to avoid?? If so you came to the wrong place but if you ask about a specific lady that is known to be bad our members will most likely PM you the details of why to avoid that person. Boards do exist that show who to watch out for but keep in mind that these boards (Like ours) are anonymous so you can not believe everything that is posted by everyone. That holds true here as well but we have a good system to weed out the bad people.

Many people try to slander the ladies reputations - it could have been the guy was a jerk, drunk, had bad body odor / breath or any number of reasons and he is pissed and wants to "Slander her" or it could be a legitimate complaint, we have no way to tell so we take the high road here and just dont say anything negative at all. Just focus on the good! Sometimes the bad reviews come from the other ladies or boyfriends of the ladies who think they are doing a favor by getting rid of the competition - (yes this happens ALL THE TIME!!!) it's hard to find the good in all the bad on some of these other boards.

We felt a nice discussion board was needed, one where the ladies would enjoy contributing with the general public without fear of being slammed/bashed/slandered/and just publicly made to look like they are subhuman. These are real people just like you and me and everyone deserves respect. Maybe the bad ones will learn a thing or two about how to be good and fix the problems by the other ladies example! We can only hope!

Our board just allows positive recommendations for anyone who feels someone deserves extra credit (again this could be fake but we usually find out fairly quickly and get rid of the shill posters to ensure the content here is very accurate). We encourage general discussions, jokes and anything of interest. We also allow the ladies to post availability and announcements in a special area outside of the general discussion and recommendation threads.

We can identify the fake posts and remove the bad members rather quickly. We call them SHILL POSTERS and they are usually new members with less than 5 posts or all the posts they have are about the same girl. Watch for these people before accepting a recommendation - under each members name it lets you know how much they contribute and how long they have been members here. Your reputation on a board like this is very important.

Here you can ask if someone can recommend one of the ladies you are interested in and see if anyone has something nice to say about that person. If the girl is using fake photos (Bait and switch) or is very bad than the members will PM (Private Message) you a warning in most cases (just not in public view). This is a community board so you must ask questions and contribute to build your reputation with the others and get the inside info.

It's a much more civil and respectful way to run a discussion board. If you do a search you can find actual "Review" boards if you wish, here you will not find anyone bashing the ladies... just recommending the girls that are good.

Because we do not allow the slander and the bashing I feel our site has much more to offer and the ladies contribute to the board as we do not tolerate rudeness or flaming. Hope you find some value in our "Alternative" type of discussion board.

Thank you and please enjoy the site


Linking to directories
Linking to directories to promote an advertisement or person/agency/spa/etc... is NOT permitted unless the directory is associated with lyla.com. Here is the APPROVED LIST. Acceptable sites:
escorts-canada.com (escortscanada.com escorts-canada.ca etc...)
lyla.com (obviously)
and other sites owned by DeSign Co.

CL (Craigslist) & BP (backpage) can be referenced for the purpose of RESEARCH but not PROMOTION. Meaning if a guy wants to know about a lady who is on BP he can ask and link to the ad asking for advise from other lyla.com members (or warn them of bait and swich or dangerous encounters). Ladies please DO NOT link to any unauthorized escorts/massage/adult directory not listed above without asking me (The MOD) first. Thanks.

Massage Only (Cities with a dedicated MASSAGE ADVERTISING SECTION)
In these cities the ads in the massage only section are for BODY RUB massage only (NO SEX ACTS INCLUDING ORAL OR EVEN HAPPY ENDINGS ARE TO BE ADVERTISED HERE!)

Anyone offering any sex acts of any kind CAN NOT advertise those services here on lyla.com. Your welcome here as a member and you can post ads for other things if you wish but you CAN NOT advertise sexual services for sale (Prostitution) this includes acronyms implying these services or masked words trying to circumvent the censors.

General Hostile Members Rule
lyla.com is a respectful community that promotes open communication between hobbyists and providers and as such, will not tolerate any behavior intended to demean, malign or harm any other member.

Any discussion that is conducted in an aggressive manner may be subject to punitive action which may include warnings, suspensions or bans.

Our position on services offered or seeked out on lyla.

Discussing or Negotiating Rates in public
Discussing or Negotiating Rates in public is not welcome, this includes commenting in public that you feel the providers rates are too high or low. Asking for senior or student discounts, asking for discounts for just going for a coffee or some other reason that you feel the provider should charge less cause your asking for something less involved then others would ask the provider to do. if the provider posts that no negotiating is permitted and you pm the provider asking for a discount that provider can report your pm to the moderators if offended. If he/she does not post that rates are firm you may pm them if you feel the need but be warned most find this very distasteful. Your better off to keep looking for a provider asking a rate you are more comfortable with. Rates are for the time they spend with you not what you do during that time so it is rude in many peoples eyes to ask for a lesser rate to do something less involved then others may do, commenting or asking for discounts can be personally insulting so please do not do this.

Some things are NOT in the rules as they are too OBVIOUS for the need to have to SPELL OUT but still some people will say "That is not in the rules" and expect to get away with doing something they know is WRONG.

If you are disrupting the site, being annoying, abusing the site, spamming the site or in general being rude or unpleasant to anyone you will not be welcome. It's very simple. Please read ALL the rules before posting.

Ladies working for spas, If you have more then one account promoting the SAME person you will be seen as abusing the system and SPAMMING us. If the SPA/AGENCY advertises you then you can not post ads here on top of the agency ads that promote you.

Ladies if you are working with other ladies (Sharing computers) but not working as an agency each lady will need her own account. If you share a commercial location, advertise together, share a receptionist or phone number, share emails, etc... you would be considered an agency and in some cities a paid account would be required.

If you work for an agency / Spa / Private Club (excluding public strip club) your company may require a PAID account to advertise the business here. (Ottawa and Toronto for instance require paid accounts for agencies and any lady who works for a agency or spa). The agency or spa is NOT allowed to post ads for you. You must post ads yourself.

Any Agency, Massage Spa or Private club in Ottawa or Toronto must be PAID ADVERTISERS in order to post ads on lyla. Agencies and Spa's with MULTIPLE companies or location require a PAID ACCOUNT for EACH company/location (Please DO NOT advertise more then one spa or agency on a single account).

At this time the paid account rule only applies to cities that have over 5000 posts.

Lyla's List will NOT charge the Independent ladies for using lyla however anyone who works for a Spa or Agency and wishes to mention that company on lyla (or advertise here) will need to purchase a banner or paid account for that company.

Banner rates available here: CLICK HERE FOR RATES paid accounts are 50.00/mth or 100.00/3 months and the banner is optional and only available if space for the banner is available.

Agencies/Private Clubs/Massage spa's that run MULTIPLE COMPANIES will be permitted to have MULTIPLE PAID ACCOUNTS (One for EACH company) - Each account would require a PAID BANNER. Each paid account could advertise in the announcements area per 12 hour period as well.

- Lyla's List remains an outstanding value for agencies and this will get rid of the "Fly by night" agencies and give exclusivity to the serious agencies who do pay for advertising and are branding a reputation.

- Agencies will be monitored closely to ensure compliance especially in regards to anyone trying to circumvent this rule with FAKE indie accounts will be banned from the site and purchasing a banner will no longer be a option. If you are unethical we do not want you here.

Public gentleman's clubs (Strip Clubs) are welcome to purchase banners and if they wish to advertise directly to lyla they may do so as well but so far none really seam to want to advertise but some of the dancers do from time to time so the ladies who work for these clubs can still post where they will be working without the need for a paid advertisement at this time. This exception is ONLY for PUBLIC STRIP CLUBS (Not Private Clubs or any other type of adult club).

Private adult entertainment clubs will be seen the same as agencies and massage spa's and will be required to purchase a banner to advertise.


Ladies who are Independent but work out of SPA locations who wish to advertise separately (Not advertise as the SPA but being available at a specific SPA must purchase a banner if they wish to advertise availability at these locations).

On the banner, the lady can advertise only her own name, not the name of any of the spas and it can link to her profile here on lyla's list or a personal website (Not the SPA's website).

She would have her OWN account (Not a SPA account but the name would show in RED like the paid agency account).

She can mention the name of any (or all of the spas) she works at in the ads posted by her (but can't mention the spas or locations in her ad titles just the description).

Advertising Prostitution - Streetwalkers - DRUGS - Car Dates - FS MASSAGE SPA'S - ETC .... (ALL ILLEGAL IN CANADA)
We DO NOT discuss ILLEGAL activities here. This includes.

- Advertising prostitution
- Discussing drugs or drug use
- Streetwalkers (Public prostitution is illegal)
- Car Dates (Something streetwalkers do - public prostitution is illegal in Canada)
- FS Commercial unit (Massage Spa - Brothel - etc... are all considered common bawdy houses and illegal)
- Underage Prostitution (or discussions involving minors in any way just keep off this site please)
- Etc...

Please use common sense people!

You must be 18 years of age older to participate, advertise or be advertised or discussed on lyla
You must be of legal age (That is 18+ years of age in Canada) to use (AND JOIN) this website. We may ask you to prove your legal age if at anytime your legal age is in question. If you are under the legal age of 18 you are not welcome to post on this site and you should not be involved in this business.. If you are asked for proof of age and you refuse a bulletin will be posted on the site and your name will be added to the DNR LIST (Do not recommend or discus list) and you will not be allowed to post here, all posts about you will be removed and we will tell the members why you have been placed on this list.

You can ONLY post ONE ad per 12 hours in the cities you are visiting or available in.
You can post 1 thread per 12 hour period in the "Schedules, Announcements and advertising area" of your city.

If you tour from city to city please DO NOT spam all the cities only announce your availability (within moderation). We ask that agencies put all the ladies on ONE thread (Not Individual threads) and touring agencies please use the site within moderation as well. If it looks like you are abusing the site we will suspend you.

The recommendations area's are off limits to the providers (You can read but can not comment or add recommendations) - if a recommendation is posted about you and something has been said that you disagree with you are to PM the MOD and let us know (we will not ADD anything to a recommendation but we will remove something under certain circumstances).

If you wish to THANK someone post on that persons WALL or PM them to thank them! DO NOT BUMP YOUR RECOMMENDATION.

The general discussion area is open for the ladies and the men however ladies you can not advertise in this area. If the thread is asking for information or names of people who supply a specific service you can reply and let them know you offer that service. Abuse of this however will get you in hot water!

SHILL accounts found posting FAKE questions about you in order to sneak in some extra advertising will force us to REMOVE you (And the offending account) from the site so please don't get any idea's - abusing this will force us to remove this exception to the rule.

Bumping Threads and Recommendations.
Please do not BUMP threads. Bumming is when you post a comment on a thread to BUMP it back to the top of the "New Threads" or the first page of that thread index.

I have been ignoring thank you's posted on peoples recommendations where the thank you is placed within 24 hours of the post. Because this is too hard to police and explain to people I must ask that NO thank you's are posted on recommendations (As some people are abusing this and others see people post thank you's that were done within 24 hours and think it is ok to do). If you wish to thank someone for posting a recommendation that you started or that is about you please PM them a thank you (OR) you can post a thank you on the persons guestbook (Profile) but please DO NOT advertise on peoples guestbooks.

If you post something and do not get a reply DO NOT bump the thread to get it more attention or re-post it. Use the search feature as you will probably find the info you are looking for already covered. If it has been 6 months and no one replied you can post a NEW thread asking the same info (If no one replies again consider it a dead subject that no one has interest in discussing on the site.

Q: Sometimes I bump my ads so I don't have to start a new thread. Is this okay?

A: That is fine as long as you are following the "Only one advertisement post per 12 hour period" rule. Bumping a previous ad with updated information would be considered a advertisement post for that day. That is a good question so I will add it to the RULE.

Q: I've commented on occasion on creative ads. I've never seen this as hijacking or bumping is it?

A: It's more BUMPING then a Hijacking unless you are including an ADVERTISEMENT of your own (This includes your Signature).
** At this time that has not been a problem. Unless I get valid complaints about such things I will continue to allow that. I think we are all adults and can distinguish between right and wrong and fair and unfair. If you were doing this to "Help" your friend out by bumping her ad to the top others will complain. I only make rules when people abuse the site and when people bring valid complaints to me.

Guys are NOT permitted to post a general "anyone available" post
Guys. You can ask your fellow lyla.com members for advise such as "Does anyone know any 7 foot tall women in moncton?" but you can not post "Any ladies available tonight PM me!" (This is unacceptable). don't be lazy! take the time to read the ladies info and contact the laies that are of interest to you!

You can not post stuff like ....

"I will be in town for tonight only can any lady who is available tonight email or pm me" (NOT ACCEPTABLE)

Posting asking "Are there any ladies who offer xxxxxxx in this city?" (Ladies and guys can respond to a question like this) and if you ask the ladies to pm you they can (but only if you ask)

Please DO NOT hijack threads!
Hijack threads means you post a completely OFF TOPIC post and take control of the conversation that someone else started. Instead open a NEW thread and NEW TOPIC yourself.

This includes posting on someone's ADVERTISING thread. If you are a competitor and you place a comment on someone's advertising thread that would be considered HIJACKING a thread.... and if you advertised yourself on someone else's advertising thread I am sure you will not make any friends.

Q: I've commented on occasion on creative ads. I've never seen this as hijacking or bumping is it?

A: It's more BUMPING then a Hijacking unless you are including an ADVERTISEMENT of your own (This includes your Signature).

** At this time that has not been a problem. Unless I get valid complaints about such things I will continue to allow that. If you were doing this to "Help" your friend out by bumping her ad to the top others will complain.

Posting short comments to boost your post count
Posting short comments such as "I didn't know that" and "wow, that is great" and "thanks, I like that" on threads when you are in the moderation period will clearly tip me off as to what your intentions are!

Yes, this happens a lot and I catch them!

I know these people are posting like this in order to get out of the moderation period (Either to look more creditable or maybe to post recommendations or some other slanderous thing - trying to get it to slip by)

This does get noticed by me! I will then put these people on to my WATCH list as I suspect as soon as the moderation period is over they will post a SHILL recommendations or something bad on the site (Slanderous)

Just want you all to know I watch for this and if you do this I will PULL your recommendation or posts that you make once out of the moderation period and I will remove the account (but also search the IP to see if I can pinpoint who is doing this)

pm system - do not spam or send unsolicited pm's
You CAN NOT use the PM system to send advertising PM's! Please do not PM members with offers, ads, suggestions, etc... unless the member contacts you first requesting information or they specifically post asking for a certain service that you can provide for them. Using the PM system to just BULK advertise will get you suspended.

Use the REPORT THIS icon on the TOP of the PM to report SPAM (Unsolicited advertising) if someone PM's you advertising a service/spa/agency and you did not ask for info first - THIS IS SPAM - REPORT IT PLEASE!

Photos used on lyla can NOT contain GENITAL (including anal) images. Not even partial nudity (pubic hair or area where it should grow!)
NO PHOTOS SHOWING GENITAL NUDITY This includes anus, pubic region and also partially covered public areas (All considered PORN and not permitted) you can post topless.

To gain access to the VERIFIED INDEPENDENT area you need one of the following...

1) Have someone who has access already and knows you personally VOUCH for you. Anyone with VERIFIED INDEPENDENT written under their name has access but they need to have met you personally.

2) Another option is to have an ad on Escorts-Canada.com (A paid Profile ad with photos) and it must be online for at least 14 days with no complaints. If you have a past ad on escorts-canada that is no longer online we can still use that as a reference. You will need to open a support ticket on escorts-canada and ask for access to the VERIFIED INDEPENDENT area on lyla.com (Include your lyla.com alias with this ticket) http://escorts-canada.com/support

3) Substantial post history on lyla.com (That is not just ALL ads) with at least 50 or more posts over 4 or more months so you can establish a presence on lyla.com. By this time some members will post recommendations about you and have general discussions about you. Send the MOD a link to your recommendation thread and ask for VERIFIED INDEPENDENT access. We will review and consider your access.

We do not allow agencies (or ladies who work for agencies) access to the VERIFIED INDEPENDENT area (The current providers have asked to have it this way). You can NOT share information or copy and post information from the VERIFIED INDEPENDENT area to other sites. If you disclose any information to anyone outside of the VERIFIED INDEPENDENT area you loose your membership on lyla.com (including access to this area). We consider this area highly confidential. By asking for access you are agreeing to these terms. If you vouch for someone and they do this within the first 60 days you both loose your account so be sure not to VOUCH for anyone you do not trust. Make sure you know them personally and know that they are not affiliated with an agency.

Post Title Rules - No CL style post titles please!

Please do not try to make your post titles stand out from others

For example this sort of thing is not allowed
~*~*~ HOT LADY AVAILABLE !!! CALL ME ~*~*~ (Usage of ~ and * and !!! plus words in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS is NOT PERMITTED)
~.,_-PhONE mE NoW~~~ (Usage of any thing like ~.,_- and UPPER AND LOWER MIXED LETTER words is NOT PERMITTED)
CALL ME!!! (Usage of !!! and ALL CAPITAL LETTER words is NOT PERMITTED)
AvAIlable Now!! !! (Usage of !! !! and UPPER AND LOWER MIXED LETTER words is NOT PERMITTED)
*** NEW .... TO ... OTTAWA*** (Usage of *** and ... and UPPER LETTER words is NOT PERMITTED)
New!!!!!!!!!! (Excessive Usage of !! to draw attention to post is NOT PERMITTED)
Book Me Today only 150.00/hr 444-4444 or www.mesocheap.com [email protected] (Rates, Phone Numbers, websites and emails are NOT PERMITTED)

This however is acceptable
New lady, book now!
Hot lady available - Call Me
Phone me now
Call Me
Available Now!
New to Ottawa
Book Me Today

The reason is we don't want the site to look like CL or other trashy classified ad sites where people are trying everything and anything to make a post stand out from the others. Please do not make the title of you posts IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, or post your URL, PHONE NUMBER or EMAIL ADDRESS in the headlines!

If it looks like you are trying to make your headline stand out from the rest of the posts we will remove the post (and you). It's a free site to use but if you abuse it you will not be welcome here!

Can I advertise, help out or promote a lady here?
You can only have ONE account for the company and can not advertise other people but you can use that account to post ONE ad per day to promote your business. You CAN NOT advertise the individual providers on your account. Massage Attendants or agency staff must post their own ads themselves on separate accounts. It is not illegal to post ads for others if the ads are not prostitution related however we do not feel you should be posting ads for others, each person should post his/her own advertisements and be responsible for the content that they post.

If you are a Customer and are "Helping" someone out (This is considered a SHILL post and is not allowed and we do not allow anyone but the working person to post ads for themselves). When you post a recommendation and answer someones questions about a lady you must be a Customer and not have a connection with the lady that goes beyond the customer & provider standard arrangement. If you become friends with the lady and are posting to boost her business you are in fact SHILL posting and that is NOT permitted. If you are posting to "HELP" her out you are breaking the rules... if you are posting because you have a great time and wish to share this with other members you are welcome to post.

You CAN NOT post multiple posts about the same lady and no one else! This will appear as a SHILL and your probably doing it for other reasons but it will do MORE HARM THAN GOOD. So Don't do that please.

Multiple Accounts (Or sharing computers)
Multiple Accounts (Or sharing computers) is not permitted unless the accounts are PAID Agency/Spa/Private club Accounts


- Customer and SP share computer (This will appear as a SHILL account)
- AGENCY and SP Share a computer (This will appear as a SECOND advertising account)
- GUY and GUY sharing account (Appears as multiple handles - usually up to no good!)
- Banned/Suspended and NEW ACCOUNT (This will add 30 days or more to your suspension time or get your IP banned altogether)


- Two ladies sharing a computer and they are not an agency (It's best that you let the mod know upfront)
- Visiting ladies who share accommodations (It's best that you let the mod know upfront)

PM the mod for any other situations before setting up two accounts from the same computer.

LADIES and GUYS ---- DO NOT LET OTHER PEOPLE USE YOUR COMPUTER FOR LYLA.COM (If you allow someone to LOG INTO lyla.com using your computer it will FLAG YOUR ACCOUNTS!!!)

Common question I get is "i have more than one agency can i have multiple accounts?" the answer is YES but both accounts will need to purchase advertising here to use lyla.com

The MODERATOR account - it is foolish to pick a fight with the mod!
I hate to have to put this here but it's a growing problem.

Some people have a problem with being told what they can and can not say and problems with authority!

It is downright foolish to think that posting something in public about the mod (of any discussion board) as to being a "power tripper" or "abusing power" etc... is in anyway acceptable

It will simply get you booted from the site. The moderators of sites like this have NO INTEREST in debating arguments (Nor do we have time for such foolishness) if you do not like the way the site is run LEAVE! Start your own website where you can be the admin/moderator.

It is the MODERATORS job to ensure the site runs smooth. This means if you are being disruptive or feel the need to FLAME or FIGHT you should think twice as you will loose your account.

A better choice would be to PM the moderator in a diplomatic way but if your PM is just to complain or wine about something (or repeat yourself over and over again) you may as well just leave as that will also not end well for you!

The moderator is HUMAN so mistakes do happen (We hope less mistakes than good choices)

Follow the rules, respect each other and you will not have any issues with the moderator but remember this is not a democracy here if it was nothing would ever get done and the board would be a hostile mess! The moderator is here to keep the peace and remove the BAD APPLES.

Live Chat Room Rules
1) Do not harass the ladies
- this includes asking them to show nudity if on cam
- being rude to them
- negative comments
- etc...

2) Guys, do not masturbate on cam - we will laugh and kick you out! The ladies can show nudity on chat but it is not to be encouraged or requested by other members as this makes some of the ladies uncomfortable and we do not want the ladies to feel unwelcome here! The chat room can be used as a great marketing tool for the ladies (especially with the voice and cam features) as it lets the guys see them on cam or talk to them in real time using voice chat or text. If you make the ladies uncomfortable they will not come back in the room and we would much rather boot you than one of the ladies!! So be respectful at all times.

3) Do not discuss anything illegal on this site or in the cam room.
- this includes drug use discussions
- underage escorts
- streetwalkers
- etc...

4) Do not discuss personal information of anyone's
- this includes someones real name
- address
- private phone number
- etc...

5) Do not fight with each other or slander anyone (Public slander/fights/flames will get you suspended from the site)

6) Do not argue with the MODS the chat mods are shown in RED and the site MOD can be invisible at any time.

7) Do not SPAM the site with link to other sites. If your in chat to SPAM your website and not join the chat your will be booted

If one of the SP's reports you for breaking any of the rules (especially if you made them uncomfortable) we will suspend or ban you from the chat room and the website itself. SO please RESPECT each other.

Can I advertise my business here?
Can I advertise my business here?
If you are a escort, fetish provider, dancer, stripclub, massage provider or spa or escort agency you may post in the schedules and announcements areas with your contact info if you follow the posting rules. You can not advertise outside of the dedicated area and you can not advertise anything illegal (including prostitution services even though this is a adult discussion site that use to allow such things it is now illegal so we no longer allow that here)

Can I purchase a banner?
You may be able to, you must PM the mod with a link to your website and banner for approval. We do not link to any website that shows illegal content or any website offering prostitution services.

Can I advertise my web design company in the forum?
No, you can purchase a banner for this. Hosting, web design, etc.. if your looking to sell something here to our members you can pay for advertising. We offer free advertising to the escorts and agencies as it helps bring other ladies here and more guys here. If you wish to advertise your product or service to our members you can purchase a banner.

Can I place a HELP WANTED ad?
No, the forums are NOT to be used for soliciting new ladies for a agency. If you post a agency ad and breifly mention that you are always hiring that is fine (within reason) but if your placing ads to recruit ladies this IS NOT the place to do this.

Why lyla does not allow links to other review sites
We do not like negative reviews, flames, slander, etc... and most other discussion boards allow this to one extent to another. We know a few exist that do not (that could change at any time however) and if we make the rule for one we really must make it for all.

also we are working at becoming "The" discussion board for sp's and sp recommendations coast to coast in Canada and also with our VERIFIED INDEPENDENT section we would like to make lyla.com a safe place for ladies in the industry to come and help each other and also contibute in a positive way to the community.

Media and society already have a grim look in general about the industry and with a clean run board with positive reinforcement, stong community and educated people sites like lyla.com will greatly help the industry where other discussion boards that allow slander, hate, negative comments etc... just add to the stereotypes and have negative effects on the industry.

Offering a prize or Compensation for Recommendations
You can not Solicit recommendations for trade of time, money, favors, prizes or any sort of compensation. This would be a shill (Fake and unnatural recommendation) - recommendations must be genuine and deserving must be eared honestly!

1) Providers are not permitted to compensate ANYONE for recommendations. This includes bartering, offering prizes for "The Best" recommendations, having a friend make one for you or even offering discounts to people who write recommendations for you!

2) Clients are not permitted to offer to write a recommendation for a provider in return for anything!! (Including a discount, prize, money or any sort of free service, etc...) This would be a form of extortion and we will remove you from the site for this!

Recommendations that are not earned honestly are considered SHILL POSTS and both accounts could be removed from lyla.com.

This rule is intended to protect the integrity, fairness, and trustworthiness of the recommendations on lyla.com.

Do Not Discuss Anything Illegal
Apparently this has to be posted as it's own rule. Please DO NOT discuss anything on lyla.com that is ILLEGAL. Please do not post ads for anything illegal or ads for prostitution services. What is ILLEGAL
- Committing a crime
- Soliciting for prostition on a website you do not own (like this one)
- Discussing Drug use (Yes, POT is still illegal so please DO NOT discuss it)
- Trying to "score" drugs (Most "escorts/providers" ARE not drug users as the media likes to portray them as!)
- Trying to find a ESCORT or CUSTOMER who would let you do drugs (or do drugs with you) during a date
- Streetwalkers (Public Solicitation is illegal)
- Bawdy Houses (Public commercial properties or Residential properties with walk in "Services" are ILLEGAL)
- Bawdy Houses masquerading as Massage Spa's (IE: More than a rub and tug)
- Driving or taking a person to a place of prostitution
- Underage Escorts (18+ in Canada - Anyone under the age of 18 and your committing a crime)
- Sex Slavery
- Etc...

Basically don't post stuff that makes us look bad! Use some common sense, be ethical and law abiding. We do not wish to break any laws!!

Ladies Location
Please DO NOT post the ladies working locations or meeting places on lyla.com. This includes any Hotels, spa's or residential address's. If they wish to post this publicly they can but no one other then the lady (or spa/agency) should ever post this info.

Shoutbox Rules
Shoutbox Rules:
- Please only one visible post in box YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST 7 SHOUTS BETWEEN YOURS (You will be banned if you break this without warning)
- Ads are allowed in box
- Same board rules apply (NO CL/BP type ads but CAPITALS are fine but suggest not using ALL CAPS as it means you are SHOUTING and a lot of people will not read your message if in all CAPS)
- You are allowed 110 characters in your post. Please do not circumvent this!
- Abusers will be banned from box WITHOUT WARNING (Strict)
- New members must have 5 posts and be a member for 5 days to use the box

If you are banned from the shoutbox it will be for UP TO 30 days as I reset the banned list once per month. If you are banned twice from the shoutbox for the same thing you go on the permanent ban list.

To Report someone abusing the shoutbox please copy and paste the shoutbox in a PM message to the MOD. Thanks.

Sponsors List

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