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  1. Nora Brighton
    04-03-2018 01:26 PM
    Nora Brighton
    Hello hello! Thank you for the message and the photo comments :) Many hugs and kisses right back to you! Sadly I don't have plans to visit soon, but you can always bring me to you! xoxox Take care!
  2. J**ck*9
    11-01-2017 06:42 AM
    Happy birthday brothercharles. I hope you enjoy your day with family and friends
  3. Kadie Lux
    10-12-2017 08:51 PM
    Kadie Lux
    let me know when and where :)
  4. Kadie Lux
    10-12-2017 08:49 PM
    Kadie Lux
    Hey sexy!
    My tour schedule is on my website always! www.kadielux.com
    Always touring :) 2-3 days a week or so.
    Shoot me a text sometime, 647 270 1282

    Would love to meet you :)
  5. Lady Sophia
    09-22-2017 01:24 PM
    Lady Sophia
    Hahaha awwww.. Its just a perfect 1st day of fall! I am bursting with joy! Its like a natural high, I cant explain this feeling! I am excited for life and and all things wordly today! Colors are bright, air is fresh! Love today:) Hope your day is filled with love and joy! Xoxoxo
  6. Madeleine Finch
    07-27-2017 07:35 PM
    Madeleine Finch
    A pleasure to see your lovely photo comments. For the record, you are welcome to be a blanket in my home.
  7. Lexy Grace
    07-22-2017 07:11 AM
    Lexy Grace
    I'm great sweetness! Thank you for asking, I'm finally home in Halifax after a long overdue fun vacation. How are you doing?
    Sexy Brown Sugar Kisses & Hugs,
  8. Madeleine Finch
    07-19-2017 01:19 PM
    Madeleine Finch
    Thanks for the lovely insight on my photo! You're welcome back in my realm anytime, dear.

    Hope all is well in your world!
  9. Nora Brighton
    07-19-2017 01:01 PM
    Nora Brighton
    Thank you so much for your post!! I am hoping to tour Toronto at the end of August. Feel free to pm me if you'd like to chat about that and make something happen! xox
  10. SabrinaR
    07-19-2017 09:33 AM
    I sure do.. every so often. what part?
  11. Lady Sophia
    07-18-2017 11:30 PM
    Lady Sophia
    Ohh Charles, please forgive me but there is no chance of me being able to travel that far:( I have so much home responsablities that need my attention. If in another time and another place I would jump at the chance to meet with you! Our only hope is that you cpuld come east? Perhaps I could host you for a B-N-B type stay?
  12. SabrinaR
    05-24-2017 02:29 PM
    Bisoux 😘 Dropping sum lovin on ur page !
  13. Lady Sophia
    05-08-2017 10:12 AM
    Lady Sophia
    Hahahaha. Your funny! I had surgury to remove hardwear from an injury from 10 years ago. And just before surgury I broke a toe on same foot lmao.
  14. Kadie Lux
    05-06-2017 08:02 PM
    Kadie Lux
    Thanks for the message baby!!!
    Would love to meet you sometime in the near future.
    Where do you normally hobby?

    Keep in touch & send me a private message.
    Would love to meet you during one of my upcoming tour dates.

    Xoxo Kadie Lux
  15. Nora Brighton
    04-02-2017 12:29 PM
    Nora Brighton
    Well hello again my dear and thank you so much for the lovin' on my photos! I'm so glad you enjoyed ;) xo Liith
  16. Nora Brighton
    03-22-2017 10:11 PM
    Nora Brighton
    Hello my dear! Hope all is well...Thought you might like to know I posted some new photos. I think you might enjoy! xo Lilith
  17. Lady Sophia
    03-05-2017 02:14 PM
    Lady Sophia
    Better now that I had your message:) Just uploading a new album:) hope you like it!
  18. Lexy Grace
    03-05-2017 01:02 PM
    Lexy Grace
    Good afternoon Sweetness!
    What a lovely message to see when I first login, thank you. All is well with me and I hope the same for you too!
    Sexy Brown Sugar Kisses & Hugs,
  19. Nora Brighton
    02-19-2017 09:54 PM
    Nora Brighton
    Thank you for the love on my photos! Sending you kisses xo
  20. Madeleine Finch
    02-19-2017 03:40 PM
    Madeleine Finch
    Thanks for the photo comment!

    Hope all is well in your world!

  21. Nora Brighton
    02-07-2017 04:01 PM
    Nora Brighton
    Thank you for the add, kind sir! xox
  22. Lady Sophia
    02-07-2017 02:28 PM
    Lady Sophia
    Ahh come east young man! Come east lol....xoxox
  23. Lady Sophia
    01-31-2017 10:01 AM
    Lady Sophia
    How did I eve miss your message on my page??? I was MIA for while lol. THINKING OF YOU. XO
  24. Madeleine Finch
    01-14-2017 04:03 PM
    Madeleine Finch
    Thanks Dear!
  25. Taylor, Olivia Devine
    01-14-2017 01:09 PM
    Taylor, Olivia Devine
    Hi sweets ! Thanks for checking out my profile! Feel free to PM me anytime :)
  26. Lexy Grace
    01-14-2017 10:42 AM
    Lexy Grace
    Thank you Sweetheart and Good Morning to you too!
  27. Lady Sophia
    01-13-2017 02:09 AM
    Lady Sophia
    Forgive me ! I have been MIA.. :/ lol
    Hope you have been well, feel free to chat ....whatever..and whenever:\
  28. Exclusively Mia
    12-06-2016 10:44 PM
    Exclusively Mia
    Thank you for the compliment ;)
  29. Paradise Spa
    11-30-2016 01:18 PM
    Paradise Spa
    Thanks Tom!
    Guess you will have to visit more ;)
  30. Lady Sophia
    11-07-2016 08:20 AM
    Lady Sophia
    Yup doing well! Thanks Charles! Getting all my winter gear ready..yuk..lol.
  31. Meg O'Ryan
    11-01-2016 03:51 PM
    Meg O'Ryan
    I hope that you are having an amazing bday! Kisses!
  32. SassiesWorld
    11-01-2016 07:30 AM
    Happy Birthday xoxo .... Hope you treat yourself today ;)
  33. Meg O'Ryan
    07-20-2016 02:11 PM
    Meg O'Ryan
    Awe thank you so much! I loved my times with him!
  34. Lady Sophia
    07-06-2016 11:38 AM
    Lady Sophia
    Please forgive my late reply, If you go to NB ads, you will see why. I have had a car accident recently and hard to type. xoxoxo
  35. Madeleine Finch
    06-27-2016 06:20 PM
    Madeleine Finch
    I am currently based in Ottawa and Tour Belleville and soon to be Toronto. You will have to PM me when ou are in town. Hopeful we can play.

  36. Madeleine Finch
    06-16-2016 07:03 PM
    Madeleine Finch
    Thanked post appreciated, good sir! :3 Hope your Thirsty Thursday is going fabulously!
  37. Layaa Rose
    06-02-2016 04:58 PM
    Layaa Rose
    Hey there, you're very sweet for thanking my post :) I hope you're having a wonderful Thursday!

  38. capitalCforcougar
    05-31-2016 04:10 PM
    Good day sir, and thank you for the page visit.
    I trust you enjoyed your purrrrusing? ;)
  39. Peachy
    05-19-2016 05:26 PM
    Thanks for supporting my note to clients ad. I really appreciate that. XoXo
  40. ElissaMarie
    04-20-2016 09:49 AM
    Thank you for the friend request, have a nice day!
  41. Raven Rain
    04-06-2016 01:46 PM
    Raven Rain
    Why thank you
    how are you?
  42. Lady Sophia
    04-05-2016 05:04 PM
    Lady Sophia
    And a big big hello back;)
  43. Amanda-Lee
    04-05-2016 10:29 AM
    Thank you! :D I hope you are doing well. Dress warm, suppose to get 15cm of snow tomorrow...
  44. Lady Sophia
    04-04-2016 06:09 PM
    Lady Sophia
    Your ears must have been ringing! Just last night had a shot of Tom's scotch! Funny! Wow..
  45. Raven Rain
    04-04-2016 05:40 PM
    Raven Rain
    aww thank you very much Tom
  46. 50 Shades Raven
    03-15-2016 09:15 AM
    50 Shades Raven
    I'm happy to hear that you like my posts and find them hot, enjoy your week :-)
  47. Lady Sophia
    02-28-2016 11:19 AM
    Lady Sophia
    I actually didnt go into sun that much as I want to care for my skin health. But had a lovely time!
  48. Lady Sophia
    02-27-2016 07:48 PM
    Lady Sophia
    Thanks so much for your wonderful comments! I was away in cuba sorry for the late responds. Hope your well and hope to see you soon! Xoxo
  49. Meaghan McLeod
    02-21-2016 12:56 PM
    Meaghan McLeod
    Thank you for the kind greetings, but Victoria, BC could hardly be described as brutal weather. I hope you are surviving the brutal weather the east is experiencing. I saw my first flowers here a couple of weeks ago. xo
  50. Ms.Samantha
    01-30-2016 04:43 PM
    Hi Thanks for friends request
  51. Carrie Moon
    01-29-2016 08:26 AM
    Carrie Moon
    Thanks Charles! hope you're well :)
  52. Amelia Fox
    01-26-2016 11:41 AM
    Amelia Fox
    Thanks you lovey.
    I'm Blushing**

  53. Madeleine Finch
    01-26-2016 02:20 AM
    Madeleine Finch
    Thanks for the shining words!
  54. Lady Sophia
    01-23-2016 12:14 PM
    Lady Sophia
    Ohh yes we did! Are you on twitter? We posted our PJ pic there lol. @SophiaVaroushka heheheh. March or April I am looking to make a trip:) yay!!! Missing Ottawa!
    01-23-2016 10:37 AM
    Thanks for Peeking!
    Breast Wishes,
    Autumn xo
  56. Lady Sophia
    01-22-2016 11:50 PM
    Lady Sophia
    No....not alone ..with 2 other delights! ...did you know the month of March brings magic???
  57. Naughtie
    01-22-2016 05:06 PM
    Well thank you so much...I am an early bird...how was your day?
  58. Taylor, Olivia Devine
    01-20-2016 01:20 PM
    Taylor, Olivia Devine
    Thanking you for taking the time to check out my profile. I hope you enjoyed !
    Lets get together for a uniquely amazing experience ;) Feel free to PM me anytime
    Ciao For Now, Miss Taylor Devine Muahs!
  59. Malena Parisi
    01-19-2016 12:42 AM
    Malena Parisi
    Hi Sensational Mister xoxoxo
  60. Talia Ciarra
    01-17-2016 12:14 PM
    Talia Ciarra
    Good morning Charles!!

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