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LYLA - Canadian Escort Recommendation Board & Lyla's List: Members List
User Name Posts Reverse Sort Order GenderLocation
mod 26,040 n/aChair in a office (Barrie Ontario)
Cato 10,136 male 
cerbmod 10,000 n/a 
Mature Angela 9,715 femaleBurlington, Niagara Region, GTA, Ottawa
Nicolette Vaughn 9,247 femaleOttawa Area
Meg O'Ryan 6,666 femaleOrleans
Old Dog 6,434 maleOttawa
NotchJohnson 6,160 maleOttawa, Montreal
Meaghan McLeod 5,600 femaleSaint John, NB
Phaedrus 5,571 male 
PistolPete 5,402 male 
Malika Fantasy 4,336 femaleToronto base. Touring Canada and US
fortunateone 4,120 femaleVancouver
Berlin 3,878 femaleToronto
spud271 3,875 maleOttawa
Emma Alexandra 3,789 femaleMontreal & across Canada
Ice4fun 3,738 maleSt. John's
LeeRichards 3,704 maleThe Sticks
someguy 3,548 maleottawa
opentonew 3,542 maleOttawa
Lexy Grace 3,516 femaleHalifax, Nova Scotia
Touch 3,398 maleGreat White North
JoyfulC 3,258 femaleEastern Ontario
Royalfun 3,165 maleOttawa
Seymour 2,982 maleOut there somewhere
Showing results 1 to 25 of 59751

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