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Talia Vice
Talia Vice
a very satisfying experience
Published by Cato
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Talia Vice
IN VISITS (You go to them)
First time and I plan to repeat
Default Talia Vice

I'm not sure what first attracted me to Talia. Was it the album of classy, sexy pictures that she posted here? Was it the intelligent and articulate contributions that she made to the threads? Was it the pm exchange that we conducted for a month before actually meeting? All I know is that she was fascinating, her travels and her languages and her scientific activities. We had to meet.
When we met, I was even more impressed. Talia has a beautiful face, lovely and intelligent; she sparkles in conversation; and she displays a range of talents, and ability to make you feel at ease, and excited, and satiated. All with a genuine warmth and an attentiveness to your needs and desires.

Thank you, Talia! I'm very glad that we met.

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By casey on 03-10-2017, 09:31 PM
award_star Talia Vice (International Bond Girl)

The connection that I had with Talia in one afternoon was one of the precious moments in my life. The winter day was warm and sunny and gave us a blessing to set up our first tryst. Talia and I started with a wonderful twist, we crossed one another in lyla. We exchanged just a few very intriguing wall messages and my heart finally said, "Go find her!". I made a pre-booking date with her via a secure email, the whole process was done quickly and it was hassle-free.

Talia is a young, classy lady yet plays a girl next door type well. She has a striking sweet look of a sexy Russian-babe, like one of the Bond girls. Her face is attractive, with a perfectly matched pair of hazel eyes and shapely brows that electrify you as she lures you to her hideout. She has pink, sweet, swollen and full soft lips that I love. No words could describe when those lips were devouring my lips and my body parts hungrily. She is an excellent kisser, I would rather say...hmm...she gave me a unique feel of intimacy that I never have before. She has a lovely hourglass figure in her average stature, not to mention a pair of natural firm breasts, thick bums and her strong hips that hold on you tightly. Talia had probably morphed to suit my shy personality, to me Talia is much more friendly, simple, care-free, funny, down-to-earth and pragmatic than I had expected. I was surprised it was quite my opposite guess, her musing and words on her websites would portray her as a more mysterious, a "noir-genre" or "femme-fatale" type of lady- I can only assume she switches effortlessly between the two.

We had many great wonderful moments, right from the start till the end and I was glad to capture her mind and body. She was a wonderful play mate, extremely energetic, skillful, accommodating in giving and responsive in receiving pleasures. I was mesmerized by her dexterity, virtuosity and truly enjoyed everything she had done in making me feel excruciatingly good but time passed unbelievably fast. How I wished to book her longer to iterate all her "potpourris" and to try out what I have not. We talked about many topics, in snippets but never in-depth. She is a polymath, a walking encyclopaedia and a well-read lady...I had learnt quite a number of things from her as well. The only things that I missed- and it happens all the time- I usually have nice wonderful scripts and cheesy pick up lines prepared for my lady but this time only 5% was expressed. My silly nervousness...but I was glad she was still impressed.

I am so grateful to meet her in person and it was beyond worthy! To summarize, she is a real darling and I intend to see her again...
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By mikedb on 05-03-2017, 08:20 AM
Default Wonderful Talia

I have spent several sinful moments with Talia, and hopefully will be spending many more. It is very rare in life to meet such a beautiful, classy spirited and intelligent person, to get the chance to spend hours frolicking with such a woman, is an incredible experience.

I could spend days just sitting there and talking with Talia, but it is impossible to be next to her, and not want to get closer, and closer. Hours spent in her arms go way too fast, you never quite get enough of kissing her lips, touching her skin.

Her beauty has been described, and her pictures are worth a thousand words, but what makes Talia stand out, is the experience she profides. I'm in my early 50's, but on several occasions, while visiting this spirited Lady, I felt I was 20 again, spending an afternoon with my hot girlfriend.

Treat her well guys, she is one of our city's treasure.
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By NotchJohnson on 06-27-2017, 03:47 PM
Default Wonderful morning

Talia as been a member of Lyla for 3 years now, I have seen her perfect pictures but let me tell you that they do not do her justice, for better pictures you should visit her website. Getting in touch with her was easy, I simply sent her a PM but she prefers to communicate by email and to get to know you before setting a rendez vous.

Her pied-a-terre is well located with plenty of free parking nearby. I took care of the donation as quickly as possible so to get to more important things and my reason for being there in the first place.

She wore exactly what I required her to wear and she looked amazing in it. It was a summer dress that made her look like the GND with sexy lingerie underneath which made her DDG. I wanted to witness the anxiety as I undressed her...first with my eyes, then with my hands...every button, every snap, every clasp, any zipper(if there would have been any).

I can't recall how many times we locked lips together but I have to admit it fell like I was back in school with the girl of my dream. Talia as a oral fixation and has to keep her mouth busy all the time, this I did not mind at all.

We stayed so close to one another during the entire 1.5 hour and I was in heaven with the great service she offered. One thing that I totally appreciated with Talia is the communication, she is very open minded, eager to please, and she will tell you what she likes. That is an important thing when meeting a new provider and she was very appreciative of me following her details.

Before my time was up we ended up in the shower together to help wash up each other, that itself was also very rewarding because she has that sexy body all wet in front of me.

Talia gets a Top Notch seal of approval from me.

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By wynn on 11-14-2017, 10:58 AM

A soft knock at the door. I opened it and there stood a lovely young lady.

My heart raced. We sat, enjoyed some refreshments, and chatted about some common experiences. We became comfortable with each other and then she leaned over and a we started to kiss - such lovely kisses! We embraced, continued to kiss and caress. We then headed off and began to enjoy other activities.

I enjoyed our time together and was sad when it ended.

I suggest that you find the time to meet this mature, lovely, and engaging young lady.
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By Aficionado on 11-16-2017, 04:29 PM
Default Talia for lunch

I first met Talia at the Ottawa Independent Companions fundraiser a couple of Friday’s ago. I’ve seen her presence on Lyla and follow her on Twitter but this was the first time we had a chance to meet in person.

We struck up a conversation and were chatting normally when suddenly I just completely lost myself in her captivating gaze. I knew then that I would have to see her again.

Fast forward eleven days and I found myself at her incall for a noon rendezvous. We hadn’t discussed any outfit requests so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I opened the door and she greeted me in jeans and a sweater and looked like she had just stepped off a university campus.

Talia threw her arms around me and leaned in for kisses that soon became very passionate. We disconnected momentarily while I gave her a bottle of wine to open and we sat on the edge of her bed to toast the good fortune of our first meeting.

Talia is very easy to talk to, smart, and funny. Read any of her blogs on her website and you will learn that she has a real talent for crafting words to pull you into her narrative. I find her writing transports me so that I am seeing the world through her eyes.

I soon steered our discussion towards a concern I had that was making me feel uneasy and she handled it with grace, compassion, and understanding, putting me completely at ease.

Talia led me into the shower and we spent a few moments in soapy exploration getting to know each other just a little bit better, all the while kissing passionately. We dried and then it was onto the bed for the main event. I pulled away from her luscious lips and tantalizing tongue so I could kiss her neck. She moaned softly and tilted her head and pulled her hair back to give me easier access. I continued moving downwards, leaving a trail of soft kisses and...

...the rest is private but when all was said and done Talia and I were both relaxed and happy.

I told Talia that she would have to be in charge of the time or else I would never leave her and yet, somehow, we still managed to go over. (I still feel a bit guilty about that!) The problem is that Talia is a charming, intelligent, beautiful, young woman and conversation flows so easily that it’s difficult to stop.

I sense that my next visit may have to be longer!

  Thank you! Talia sounds absolutely amazing ;) Looking forward...
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