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Emily Rushton
Emily Rushton
What a Rush (the good kind)
Published by Rodster
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Emily Rushton
First time and I plan to repeat
Default Emily Rushton

Emily is not one of London’s local Ladies but is an ethereal mystery travelling through on occasion. I have exchanged several emails with her in the past few months getting to know her as we waited for stars to line up over London. The anticipation was scintillating. Our rendezvous was in a very elegantly appointed venue downtown as she travels higher class and following her simple contact instructions was most appreciated.

Her greeting was a warm genuine hug and kiss. I was immediately taken with her smile and beautiful crystal green eyes. She was dressed casually yet sexy just the same. For someone who has invested in a decent website and professional photos it is no surprise she is as she appears which, is beautiful.

Emily lead me by the hand to a sitting area couch where we talked and got to know each other more in person. As we are both travellers of the sky, we shared several humourous stories of aeronautical adventures. Emily is witty, charming, funny and confidently articulate. She is accomplished in education and other career pursuits and possesses a dry sharp wit which, I appreciate and enjoy. With precision timing, Emily offered a shower which I accepted. Exiting the shower and returning to the main room I discovered to my eyes’ delight Emily had changed into a very flirty pink and black lace bra and panty combo. My pulse quickened as I stopped in my tracks to admire this gorgeous creature before me.

Her pink attire contrasted very nicely with a smooth light golden body tan. For those who are interested in pics, many are available on CERB and in her touring ads. I recognized her outfit from a photo shoot which, I find very hot. Adds more realism to the adventure. Her red auburn hair, my favourite, framed the come hither look on her face. Absolutely stunning.

Falling into her embrace I felt like a younger man “making out”. Passionate unending kisses. From time to time we both opened our eyes looking deeply into one another’s while kissing. Seeing the fire build in her eyes while kissing was very hot.

Emily prefers spending time with gentlemen mid-thirties and up, like herself. And with such maturity comes an extra appreciation and patience for eros. She fully understood my personal idiosyncracies and expertly provided a pleasureable time in a variety of ways. She welcomed and was receptive to my lustful advances. I couldn’t help myself as she drove me crazy with desire.

After every pore had been drained of stress, we relaxed again with cold water to drink. Snuggling and sitting together, we continued our earlier conversation. It was so natural I could have spent all afternoon with her.

Gentlemen, Miss Rushton is not for the faint of heart or those with a weak pulse. She invests a tremendous amount of time and care into a dalliance and expects and deserves the same in return. For those wanting a quick get in, get off and get out I suggest you look elsewhere. For those wanting a rare unparalleled extended fantasy when she passes through town, Emily will not disappoint.

Thank you my dear Emily for an incredible afternoon. I look forward to your next London visit or if our travels cross paths somewhere else in Canada.

  Emily is an exquisite companion.
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By buddyboy on 09-10-2012, 04:59 PM
Thumbs up Emily Rushton

Well, it was my birthday and so I decided that it might be interesting to see Emily Rushton just for a change. I had trouble finding reviews of her and I don't like the tone of another site so I decided to offer one here:

She was located at a very nice hotel and it was discreet. As soon as she opened the door I saw how stunning she looks and how lovely her smile is. I embarrassed myself by standing there with my jaw hanging down because she really is stunning. I love the way she took my hand and led me to the sofa as if she knew me. Now I know what they mean by girl friend experience. She is the romantic type. Very kind. Very genuine. Like Emm and Veronica, her body tone is perfectly balanced and her skin is soft and smooth. Her body type is medium and she is the most perfectly proportioned woman that I have ever come across. A perfect hour glass figure. I admit that prior to seeing her I had doubts that she was all natural, but I can assure you that she really is. She is very clean. There is no menu but don't worry about it, just let her lead. There was no disappointment in that respect. Everything felt just right and she moved so well. Make sure you are clean and be a gentleman because she's not shy although she's okay with it if you are. Read the website and follow the rules, because you definitely want it to go smoothly. Now if you don't come away with a glow then honestly you might not really be into women - not that there is anything wrong with that. Both her personality and the location offered a nice ambiance. She complemented my performance - lovely lie - and hugged me several times before I left. She doesn't rush you, she pulls you forward with persuasion not impatience. We have some great local ladies to choose from but Emily comes to town every once in a while and it would be a great idea to see her at least once. Wow! It will be worth it.
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By hugo70 on 10-22-2016, 01:44 PM

This review is from 2012, anyone have a recent review?
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