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Default Holistic confusion

If you often see MA's and RMT's, you'll likely be tempted to experience some holistic therapies. While some services are similar to more traditional massages, others will leave you quite confused. With so many different techniques offered by people with various levels of education and different motivations, it's quite easy to get lost. Like for everything else, there's nothing wrong in asking questions about their level of competence and details about the therapy itself. And obviously those are not sex workers. You can ask, but will very likely get a polite "NO".

Many of the techniques used will contain little to no physical contacts. While we can question the effectiveness, one has to keep in mind some people don't like being touched and feel some benefits in the form of stress reduction. Obviously, this requires some level of open mindedness and this is where vigilance is required. Not all therapists are honest and some will test the gullibility of their clients in order to exploit them financially. They are not allowed to perform diagnosis, but will make recommendations using their hands or questionnable tools(pendulum, crystal,...), detecting "energy imbalances" to recommend more sessions or some of their badly labelled products. If you see this or any other questionnable offers, politely pay for the time and don't go back. Others will ask for donations in exchange of "remote sessions"(not making this up). This not only "jumps the shark" in term of health services but pretty much misses the point. You'll be better off just listening to one of the many ASMR videos on YouTube. At least you'll have a soothing music and voice to help you relax.

There plenty of honest holistic therapists. And while not doctors, they should still have a minimal knowledge about human health. With regular sessions they should be able to notice things like major weight fluctuations, abnormal skin moles and masses or any other concerns that may require the intervention of conventional medicine. Also, if needed they can recommend you a path to a healthier lifestyle. Again, the goal is stress reduction and someone who'll monitor your health(to a certain extent) without the environment of a crowded clinic or emergency room. No matter the technique used the competence and experience of the therapy will make all the difference. Reasons more to do some research and choose wisely.

If you want to share your experiences on the matter or add a comment, you're more than welcome.


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