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Bailey Love - A Brand New Independent for Niagara
Bailey Love - A Brand New Independent for Niagara
A Brand New Independent for Niagara
Published by mncpageant
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Bailey Love
First time and I plan to repeat
Default Bailey Love - A Brand New Independent for Niagara

Tonight I was blessed to entertain a wonderful new Independent for the Niagara Region. Bailey Love is a former dancer with an amazingly hard and flexible body. I had experienced such a strong sexual experience the night before I doubted that I would be able to perform the next night. But Bailey Love had the patience, excellent hands and mouth to bring me back to the saddle tonight. Her soft but firm athletic body is extremely flexible and she enjoys both giving love and receiving love. She was not afraid of my toys, in fact she seized them and showed me exactly how they are to be used. The mutual climax was amazing because this young woman is a Squirter, after I came she lifted herself off me and then exploded all over my body, I came a second time when I felt all that Hot female cum all over my naked body.

Now fellows be sure to check out this new female wonder to bless Niagara Falls, right now she can be reached through http://www.kathleen-canada.com. Kathleen is the one who discovered her and brought her forward for all of us to enjoy.

Bailey Love's webpage can be found at: http://www.kathleen-canada.com/myspe...aileylove.html

Chris (Pooh Bear) Lansdale
Proudly Presenting Canada's Best since 1972
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