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Miabella Ottawa is off the hook
Published by d*mm*y
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So I have been having a bad week several cancellation desperate times call for desperate measures, start calling agencies (ya I know what am I thinking) Then I get a great booking with my favorite gal but it's tomorrow night, well at least there is light at the end of the tunnel right?

Then one of the agencies that I had called had asked if they could call back in a few minuets once they had the availability of the girl sorted out. 40 minuets later they call back, I told them thanks but I was alright now and had made a booking. Then a little voice in the back of my head said call them back take it anyway. I gave the lady on the phone a call and headed of to the appointment.

I saw this ladies pic's come up in the last few days on our new albums section and a few of you have mentioned things in the general discussion area so I was curious.

I have seen several early 20's providers lately just because I have been the victim of bad timing and they seem to be the ones available on short notice. I was expecting another flighty you kitten, kinda skinny and awkward before they actually get there womanly shape (I know a lot of you guys like that shape not really my style) and then a very cute little lady answers the door, she is short like me and has a very tasty looking bubble butt. Now this is going to be interesting!

So we discussed rates and extra's etc... she is very quick and easy to talk to as well, she is much more mature than her years. Greek is on the menu but not on a first visit and it is very much a YMMV thing so I did not flag it above, however I am now Greek approved so there is definitely going to be a next time!

Mia had incredible oral skills (holly deep throat) and was very nice to hold and cares, she let my tongue wonder everywhere, and it did, she was very welcoming in 69 and then I pulled her up for a little cowgirl she teased me but wanted to go down on me again, I have never had a lady so eager to give me head, along with the deep throat was ball licking... at the same time, I know my dick is small but it completely fit in her mouth and she could lick my balls at the same time!! Talent talent talent,
When I finally persuaded her to let me fuck her, I could not believe how tight that pussy is and she has great muscle control she can really clamp down on it. Eventually got her through a few positions and the last one I was fucking her from behind and the ass felt incredible, can't wait for next time when I will get to fuck it! After I filled the Trojan she let me hold her for a few minutes and that was a mistake because with in about 2 minuets I was ready to go again but the hour was up. Next time it will have to 2 hours!

Thanks Mia, that was an unexpected great surprise!
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By kih on 08-02-2008, 11:30 PM
Thumbs up Mia

I have to concur with what you wrote here Dummpy.

I took the plunge and had my first out call experience with Mia the other evening. All I can say is that it was a wonderful Girl Friend Experience.

Mia arrived on time and was dressed classy. Mia is very attractive with green eyes, brunette with blonde streaks. With an warm smile and enticing personality, it did not take long to get comfortable. She has talented oral skills and soft tanned skin. She likes to please and be pleased. Multiple positions were exhausted. Because of stamina, she stayed for two hours. Some interesting fun play occurred in the shower on the conclusion of the experience. Thank You Mia. J

Repeat absolutely!
By JokersWild on 08-03-2008, 02:22 AM
Default Mia = Sanja

Hey, can anyone confirm if Mia is the same as Sanja from a few weeks ago from the same agency? She has new photos up without the face.
By kih on 08-03-2008, 02:32 AM

Hey, can anyone confirm if Mia is the same as Sanja from a few weeks ago from the same agency? She has new photos up without the face.
As far as I know Sanja left Honeyzworld.
By f***2f*** on 08-05-2008, 08:24 PM
Talking I may have a new favorite

Just spent a wonderful hour with Mia. I have to agree with dummpy and kih that this is a classy, mature young lady. Only 21 yet really seems to have her act together.
She greeted me warmly and stripped down to her lovely lingerie very quickly. Her butt is truly to die for and yes you can bounce a quarter off it!! she has lovely small breasts with nice puffy nipples and her body is a nice light olive colour (she is Croatian) soft, with great tone.
soon she was giving me a really nice **** no rush and this girl has a lot of skill!! As dummpy said the deep throat is very good. she loves her daty and dato and makes some very nice appreciative noises when you hit the right spots...very wet and tasty!!
We did a lot of oral and I'm afraid after she got me off the first time I couldn't perform for penetration but she was keen to try (Let's just say I was pretty spent after our oral session). I promised her next time we would do that in the first half!!
We cuddled and talked alot...she is a very good conversationalist and is very very natural and easy to get to know. She's a very sweet kisser too.
Repeat??? Hell Yeah!! In a heartbeat.:D
By kih on 08-05-2008, 08:37 PM
Thumbs up


nice review. Sounds like you had a really great time with Mia. Got to like those stripper stances! I had to cancel my appointment for today due to required employment OT. Nevertheless, I'll be booking further appointments with her in the future.;)
By f***2f*** on 08-08-2008, 11:10 PM

Repeated with Mia tonight.....it was better than the first time and we had some amazing multiple positions...cowgirl, mish, doggie....her flat on tummy me on top....69..lots of oral....
Mia is a gem my friends..but you should all leave her for me...I'm feeling selfish!!
By kih on 08-09-2008, 05:56 AM


Mia is awesome! I had my third apt with her last evening which I can only label as another wonderful experience. Thank You Mia.
By d*mm*y on 08-15-2008, 06:30 AM
Default Follow-up

Now that I have seen Mia a few times, I have to say a few things;

First - Greek is absolutely incredible!!! What an ass to die for.
Second - Oral skills are unparalleled by any other SP available that I have tried!! Stamina and skill beyond belief
2 hours is a great investment, really nice body massage with body slides and nice DFK for the half time show, and she is very entertaining to talk with has a great head on her shoulders.
Third - Her small boobs are growing on me, especially compared to some of the other rated ladies here (Mia has B's there are several A on the list), I guess I was just getting spoiled by all the great enhanced ones around these days. If you want a real girl next door, unrushed, GFE, sweet experience than her it is.
By Silk on 08-15-2008, 06:39 AM

I have to say that all these write-ups are amazing but what speaks volumes is all of the repeat visits from guys that are pretty experienced hobbyists. That goes to show that this is one special young lady. I am going to book an appointment soon.
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